Monday, July 25, 2016

KantCon Report (and also hi, I guess I've been gone for three weeks)

Alright, so I kind of vanished for a few weeks.

I didn't do a lick of work on the WBCP Bestiary, and in fact had all but abandoned it mentally until a player asked if I'd ever run Shadowrun. I certainly would not run Shadowrun (in any of its recent editions, anyway) but I might run a Shadowrun-eque game using some other, for instance, White Box.

(I might also consider OneDice Cyberpunk, adding magic and races from OneDice Fantasy. I might also consider Fudge or Savage Worlds...)


I just got back yesterday from KantCon 2016, my fifth consecutive year of attending that convention.
I posted the games and the characters back in June. Here's the convention in brief:

Stuff I Ran:
*Starships & Spacemen 2e- We had three returning players to S&S and one player who often signs up for my games in general. Full table, barely managed to keep the session within the time frame. The PCs managed to complete the scenario with the best possible outcome. Four NPC redshirts died and one was trapped in a hallucinogenic-addled state.

*Lamentations of the Flame Princess- I ran a slightly modified version of Zzarchov Kowalski's "A Thousand Dead Babies." The PCs ended up wiping out the cult but also bringing the Inquisition down on Carroc and New Smithwald. One PC died. One turned into the new Black Knight. One ended up with the basinet. Bonus: That player later told me he had an unpleasant dream inspired by the session. We had some pacing issues and some faffing about by players who weren't exactly sure what they should be doing. I'd give myself a B as DM on this one.

*OneDice Urban Fantasy- I had an absolute blast with this one, as did the players. I really like the implied setting that I created around the scenario. The PCs managed to resolve it with minimal fallout to the supernatural community. I still have some issues with the math in the OneDice system, but I found that the game ran well enough to have fun with it .

*Ruins & Ronin- My scenario was mediocre and an obstacle I placed ended up stalling out the session in an incredibly aggravating way. The game is pretty much just White Box; the mediocrity of the session was entirely my fault. I think it was a combination of it being the last game I ran (with much of my energy being expended from the rest of the weekend) and the fact that I ended up just not being that excited about it the way I was about other things I ran.

Stuff I Bought:
*Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Characters and Magic book- I found a used hard copy at Tabletop Game and Hobby for twelve bucks. I've long wanted a hard copy of LotFP...I have the book on PDF (purchased when Jim had a ridiculous holiday sale on PDFs about two years ago)

*The Wilderness Alphabet- I loved, loved, love The Dungeon Alphabet. Even though this isn't the same guy, the book looks like a worthy spiritual successor. Good for on-the-fly things to drop into an otherwise boring trip between Point A and Point B, and a damn sight better than just another encounter with stirges or bandits or whatever.

Stuff I Didn't Buy But Bought Later:
*Seven Voyages of Zylarthen- I downloaded these from Lulu some months ago and found myself highly enamored by them. The vendor was selling them for $7 each, but then I got a Lulu coupon for 30% off and it ended up being slightly cheaper. They are in the mail to my house now.

Stuff I Didn't Buy But Kinda Wanted To:

*Guardians, the White Box superhero game. I didn't buy it because I rarely run superhero games and I can't imagine anything supplanting my love for ICONS: Assembled Edition.

*Into the Odd: I almost bought this for the cover alone. (The cover reminds me of three video games I dearly love: Braid, Limbo, and Bastion.) The game seemed really cool, too. I felt like it was maybe worth $10 and not $15. It also seems like the author is doing a ton of modifications to it on his blog, so I wouldn't be surprised to see revised edition sometime in the nearish future, and one that is even more removed mechanically from D&D than this one is.

*Wickedness and Wonder: The leveless magic system looks cool, but I'm not really into paying $20 for this. I might get the PDF for $10 someday. The ideas are very cool, and I'll definitely be reading the author's blog for his various ideas.

I also played some legit board games and painted my first mini in like 24 years. (It looks like utter garbage and I feel like my painting efforts are doomed)

Go forth and game!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beyond the Wall Again, Etc.

The 55 hour work weeks are over. My goal is to knock out the White Box Cyberpunk Bestiary sometime this week, after which I will consider the rules playable.

Last night I ran another game of Beyond the Wall. We did The Hidden Cult with the playbooks once again. This week we rolled out with the Young Woodsman (actually a Woodswoman), the Self-Taught Mage, and another Witch's Prentice, this one a lad and with a very, very different set of spells and background skills than last week's. (Also a different player)

We rolled up the village of Oxley, plagued by some strange and creepy events. This session was a bit more horror-movie-esque than last week's Brothers Grimm type feeling. Still, the similarities were there. I very much like the feeling and spirit (ha) of Beyond the Wall. I would consider running a campaign. I might look into the other supplements written for the line.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

In Which We Go Beyond the Wall

My steampunk Savage Worlds game didn't run last night due to various things. I did end up running an off-the-cuff session of Beyond the Wall with three players, one of whom was gaming for the first time. We created characters using the playbooks, and the ladies picked the Untested Thief, Would-Be Knight and Witch's Prentice. We created the village and added places and people, with one player delightedly adding illustrated buildings and places to the map as we went.

I used The Angered Fae scenario pack, but I deviated heavily from what I rolled up. One of the elements from the Witch's Prentice's backstory fit really well with the idea of some angered fae, so I ran with that instead, noted a couple of choices/paths in my head, and off we went.

Our three PCs were Bellona (Would-Be Knight), Matilda (Witch's Prentice), and Chad (Untested Thief) The village was plagued for weeks with terrible portents, and finally attacked by the Wild Hunt. The PCs set about investigating, finally figuring out that one of the villagers, Amelia, was pregnant with the child of the local fae lord. While they all personally had grudges against her, Matilda's master (the town's witch) had sworn to protect the woman and her unborn child and wouldn't back down. Rather than cross the old woman, the PCs did some digging, made an uncomfortable deal with the Pukka, killed a Redcap, and managed to work out a Persephone-esque custody deal between the fae lord and the child's mother. The PCs didn't go the easiest route, but they went a pretty solid one. They saved the village. Chad managed to get his hands on an antlered helmet from the fae knights of the Wild Hunt. A good time was had by all.

I thought the pacing and tone of the game were uneven, but the players deflected my self-criticism. I do think that overall the game was good. I'd play this village and this PC set again, or happily roll up a new village.

One thing we all agreed on is that character creation/village creation in Beyond the Wall is fun. I like games where character creation is fun in and of itself. I'd add BtW to the list that includes Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st and 2nd editons) and Traveller. (Although that's funny, because usually I hate the way Traveller actually plays out as a game.)

I'm glad I bought a print copy of Beyond the Wall and that I've already had a chance to kick the tires on it. I almost want to run it on Sunday at KantCon, but I'm already running two fantasy games based on D&D mechanics.

7/7 would recommend.

Friday, June 24, 2016


So Mutant Crawl Classics looks cool and Faith looks cool and it makes me with I still had Dungeon Crawl Classics and that I had picked up Mutant Crawl Classics and I also really like the cover of OpenQuest 2nd edition annnnnnnnnnnd adfdfjadljfkaldsj al;sdfjj

Ruins & Ronin PCs for The Devil Rakan

I've generated the PCs for the Ruins  & Ronin game I'll be running at KantCon. Players are free to change the name and gender of their characters.

Here I've represented the four classes detailed in the Ruins & Ronin book (bujin, sohei, shugenja, half-ogre), as well as three classes posted on Mike's blog (kensai, ninja, headhunter), one of his "experimental" classes he posted online for his Deluxe edition plans (gakusho), and a race he posted on his blog as well. (The hengeyokai, though this one advances as a shugenja as well) I had to change a few details about the gakusho to make it fit in better with the White Box mechanics.

I've sorted the characters out so that there are three fighters, three tricky/experty types, and three spell-casters.

Asano Teiji - 4th level Bujin          
Str 14          Hit Points: 15                 Alignment: Lawful
Int 9            Base Hit Bonus: +2        Languages: Imperial
Wis 10       Armor Class: 20
Dex 11      Saving Throw: 13
Con 13      Movement Rate: 6
Cha 8                  

Special Abilities: Chanbara*, Follow-Through, +1 save vs. death/poison

Gear: Katana (1d6/1d6+1), wakazashi (1d6), daikyu w/20 armor-piercing arrows (1d6+2),  o-yori armor, horse, manservant, saddlebags containing 1 week's provisions, cooking utensils

*Chanbara is just a dressed-up name for the fighter's ability to make multiple attacks against 1 HD opponents. That ability isn't present in R&R, but I've given it to this character regardless.

Teiji is the youngest son of a minor samurai noble. He stands to inherit virtually nothing, leaving him with high social standing and expectations but without the means to live such a lifestyle. He ends up taking various assignments from his father's lord, most of which he considers beneath this one.

Asano Nori - 4th level Kensai         
Str 9         Hit Points: 14                    Alignment: Neutral
Int 8         Base Hit Bonus:  +2          Languages: Imperial
Wis 14    Armor Class: 15
Dex 16   Saving Throw: 12
Con 10    Movement Rate: 12
Cha 9                  

Special Abilities: Favored Weapon (Naginata), Life-Saving Parry, Natural Defenses, +1 save vs. death and fear

Gear:Naginata (1d6+2) , tanto (1d6-1),  simple traveler's clothing, backpack, provisions for 1 week,

Background: Nori is Teiji's cousin. She also stands to inherit little, so she instead chose to become one of the "battle maidens," women who choose not to marry and instead study weapon arts as a form of philosophy. Nori has proven a capable fighter and her presence is often a deterrent for peasants who are considering brigandry.

Oki- 4th level Half-Ogre        
Str 15     Hit Points: 16                    Alignment: Lawful
Int 7       Base Hit Bonus:  +2          Languages: Imperial
Wis 9     Armor Class: 15
Dex 12   Saving Throw: 13/8
Con 13   Movement Rate: 12
Cha 8                  

Special Abilities: Iron Constitution, Ogre's Ferociousness

Gear: Flail (1d6+3), custom-fitted armor pieces (do-maru, jingasa, haidate), large sack filled with foodstuffs

Background: Oki-Ono was born to a woman who appeared on the outskirts of the land one night. She died during childbirth. The village was ready to destroy the obviously inhuman child, but Koharu (see below) intervened. The half-ogre was raised to be a loyal and steadfast protector. Although he is a fierce friend and a natural protector of the innocent and helpless, the lord often sends him on missions for intimidation factor.

Payang- 4th level Headhunter       
Str   13       Hit Points: 25                    Alignment: Neutral
Int   12     Base Hit Bonus:  +2          Languages: Lakang, Imperial, one slot open
Wis   8     Armor Class: 12
Dex  13    Saving Throw: 12
Con 15     Movement Rate: 12
Cha  5                 

Special Abilities: Sturdy Constitution, +2 save vs. death and poison, Ambush, Track Outdoors

Gear: yari (1d6), daikyu w/12 frog crotch arrows and 12 hummingbird arrows (1d6+1/1d6-1), blowgun w/10 darts (1 dmg), thick fur hide armor, hide sling bag containing food, jar of numbing poison (5 doses), jar of killing poison (save or 1d6-2 dmg each round)

Background: A warrior from the southern tropics, Payang was captured by slavers and ended up being sold to the local lord. When he saved the lord's life on a hunting trip, he was freed and offered the chance to become a paid retainer.

Koga Yui- 4th level Ninja       
Str   10      Hit Points: 9               Alignment: Neutral
Int    13     Base Hit Bonus:  +1   Languages: Imperial,
Wis  10    Armor Class: 12
Dex  17    Saving Throw: 11
Con 10     Movement Rate: 12
Cha  15                 

Special Abilities: Ninja Abilities, Backstab, Climb Sheer Surfaces, Read Languages, +2 saving throw vs. death or poison

Gear: 6 shuriken (1d6-2), kusari-gama (1d6), tanto (1d6-1),  simple traveler's clothes, backpack containing ninja garb, grapnel, 40 ft silk rope, 10 caltrops, 4 flash powder pellets, flint and steel

Background: The Koga ninja clan hires its services out to various noble houses. Yui is on the payroll of the local lord, and often travels under the guise of a minor bureaucrat or sometimes a traveling herbalist. While her companions may suspect Yui's true profession, most of them are gracious enough not to mention it.

Inugami- 4th level Hengeyokai
Str   10     Hit Points: 8 /4                Alignment: Chaotic
Int    17    Base Hit Bonus:  +0        Languages: Imperial, Oni, Spirit, Elemental
Wis  14   Armor Class: 10/10
Dex  9    Saving Throw: 12
Con 12   Movement Rate: 12/12
Cha  6                 

Special Abilities: Dark Vision, Tracking, Spell Casting, Shapeshifting, +2 saving throws vs. magic

Gear: elegant enchanted clothing, magic tanto +1 (1d6 dmg)

Spells Known:
1st level- Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sleep
2nd level- Detect Chaos, Detect Thoughts, Invisibility I, Web

Background: Inugami has no name. A malevolent dog-spirit created by an onmyouji sorcerer, Inugami was defeated and bound by Airi. He presently serves the local lord, bound under a spell of compulsion.

Koharu- 4th level Sohei
Str   15      Hit Points: 18              Alignment: Lawful
Int    9       Base Hit Bonus:  +1    Languages: Imperial
Wis  15     Armor Class: 15
Dex  8       Saving Throw: 11
Con 15     Movement Rate: 12
Cha  12                 

Special Abilities: Spellcasting, +2 save vs. death and poison, Banish Undead

Gear: Tetsubo (1d6+1), paired jitte (1d6+1), hankyu w/ 15 leaf head arrows (1d6), prayer beads, hanburi helmet, do-maru chest plate, sote arm guards, suneate shin guards, wicker backpack containing food, provisions, ceremonial implements

Background: Koharu was bigger than any boy in the village, but they kept their comments very, very quiet. Unmarriageable, she ended up studying in the temple and becoming a temple soldier. The locals see her as a friend and protector, so she is often sent to handle delicate situations that just might require some violence.

Bawa, Old Man- 4th level Shugenja
Str    7        Hit Points: 9             Alignment: Neutral
Int    14     Base Hit Bonus: +0   Languages: Imperial, Oni, Spirit, Elemental
Wis  10    Armor Class: 10
Dex  11    Saving Throw: 12
Con  9      Movement Rate: 12
Cha  12                 

Special Abilities: Spell Casting, +2 save vs. magic

Gear: Tanto (1d6-2), robes, belt pouches containing dried fruits/nuts, spell ingredients

Spells Known:
1st level- Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Light I, Protection from Chaos I, Read Languages, Read Magic
2nd level- Detect Chaos, Detect Invisibility, Knock, Locate Object, Phantasmal Force

Background: The Old Man has always lived in a hut on the edge of the land. He practices strange magics and auguries, and the villagers are afraid of him. The local lord knows his wisdom, however, and consults him in return for making sure that superstitious peasants leave him alone. For him to actually come out of his hut, however, is a signal that something must be truly wrong.

Airi- 3rd level Gakusho
Str  8      Hit Points: 10          Alignment: Lawful
Int   12   Base Hit Bonus: +0  Languages: Imperial, Oni, Spirit
Wis  14  Armor Class: 10
Dex   11 Saving Throw: 12
Con   11 Movement Rate: 12
Cha  13                 

Special Abilities: Spell Casting, +2 save vs. magic, Banish Spirits

Gear: jo stick (1d6-1), elaborate robes, wicker backpack containing simple rations, ceremonial materials

Background: Airi has always been a shrine priestess, as far back as many can remember. She's remarkably sturdy for an old woman, and her mystical powers are well known to populace. When she leaves her shrine, it's usually a sign that something dark and sinister is afoot or that someone is in need of urgent treatment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Christian sent me his zine, The Tolling of the Great Black Bell, issues 9 and 10 in the mail last week. I didn't know I was getting two I need to go back and pay him for the second one...

I got my copy of Beyond the Wall, and it is flippin' gorgeous. This is easily one of the most beautiful gaming books I have ever owned.

I got an email notification on my phone at my second job yesterday afternoon about the PDF of the Savage RIFTS Player's Guide being available through their website. Of course, by the time I got home to log in an get it, excessive web traffic had reduced Pinnacle's website to smoking digital ruins. I still can't access the site today. Le sigh. Hopefully I'll be able to get it before too long.

In other news, I have only a single spot left open in my OneDice Urban Fantasy game at KantCon and one in my Ruins & Ronin game. I am strongly considering a 5th game because I have nothing going on Sunday morning. I probably won't do BtW, because I'm already running two D&D-style fantasy games at the con. Maybe I'll just play board games Sunday morning... running four games is already more GMing in a weekend than I've ever done at a KantCon before.

Addendum: I ordered a print copy of Mythras Imperative from Lulu, because the cover speaks to me. (As did the cover of OpenQuest) Also, it was pretty cheap and I found like three different Lulu coupons lurking in my email. Five steps forward, six steps back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Free RPG Day

So I went to Free RPG Day this last weekend. My LGS sets a limit of three items with no repeats. I also popped in after lunch and I suspect much of the table was plundered. I was in a lazy kind of mood that day and didn't feel like driving to other stores. Here's what I picked up:

Gaming Paper: Seems pretty useful. I have an erasable battle mat for combat- when I feel like using it- but these seem kind of useful for when I don't want to draw out a detailed building. Of course, that limits me to the building configurations included in the sampler. Still, not a bad product.

Faith: A sci-fi rpg that has some kind of playing card-based resolution system. I don't know because they only kind of explain the rules. The tiny little pamphlet is mostly a graphic novel with some lore sidebars and a totally unnecessary comic strip of characters in the game universe playing the roleplaying game, including a subplot about an alien who is on his phone the entire time and not paying attention. Cute, but I'd have maybe preferred more information about the rules. The art is cool and the lore seems cool, but this isn't so much a free rpg or even a set of quickstart rules as it is a teaser trailer on paper. Oh, and the advertised "adventure seed" is this: you're smugglers and you get captured by the evil empire type guys. Ground breaking stuff.
This is a game I'd consider buying, but only as material for my preferred sci-fi rules chassis.

Slugs (with umlaut): So this is a bestiary for LotFP. It has thirty-two variations of giant slugs. So that's what that is. I predict that LotFP's Free RPG Day offerings will forever leave me pining for something the likes of Better Than Any Man. Oh, and only one slug has genitals for a face. This is less than I expected, but of course you have to have one, because apparently you can't be weird without genital monsters.  \m/
I'm also not a huge fan of the cover, which is not the imagine he used to promote the book...I thought that was going to be the cover.

Other stuff I took a look at and very nearly picked up:

*Mutant Crawl Classics- I no longer own Dungeon Crawl Classics (well, the rule book- I own lots of the adventures because I really like them), but if I did I would totally buy this game. As it stands, I will probably buy the adventures to use with Mutant Future. There was also a Lankhmar thing included, but I honestly don't give a flip about Lankhmar.

*The Dark Eye, 5th Edition- Like a no-good ex who you still contact every once in awhile, I picked up and leafed through the second attempt at bringing Das Schwarze Auge to the English-speaking world. I just... no. The artwork is amazing and lush, but I just don't like the mechanics. That whole three-rolls-to-use-a-skill with point pools to modify the dice if any of your three skill rolls fail is just... not for me.

Now, despite my bagging on it a little, Jim Raggi's little bestiary was probably the most useful item I picked up. Although I am stuck comparing everything released after Better Than Any Man unfavorably to that most excellent tome, I will concede that Raggi's produces Free RPG Day things that can be used, and have more utility than quick start rules or a one-shot adventure. He has a little rant in the beginning that calls out most Free RPG Day products being crippleware rules for a $50 core book (I'm paraphrasing since I don't have the thing handy).

And now, back to not working on things I'm supposed to be working on because I am tired and crabby like 85% of my waking hours and will likely be so until the end of next week. (After that, I'll go back to my normal tired-and-crabby percentage of 40%)