Sunday, July 5, 2015

Shade Isle Campaign, 7/5

Man, we got a lot done tonight.

-Killed the Patriarch of the evil death cult

-Killed the wizard making elemental crystals for said death cult

-Seized the evil book of evilness that the cult had in their tower

-Destroyed giant soul-sucking apparatus the death cult had, plus collapsed part of the dungeon

-Lost a long time hireling to energy-draining phantoms. :/

One of our noobs tried to charm the evil wizard, and hopefully the player learned a lesson. The resulting lightning bolt was very nearly a TPK. (Though my character remained undamaged, as he is cowardly and clever) 

Looking forward to the next session. Unrelated, I picked up Van Richten's Guide toWerebeasts for three bucks.

Game on!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hitting the Town in Madhaven

We had another night of my summer Rifts game tonight. One player was a no show, but the other two managed to have some adventures nonetheless. Highlights:

*The party was nearly wiped out by a Devil Kraken using Ocean Magic, but managed to escape using the Lemurians' aquatic mount and some clever maneuvering. They were unable to salvage the Horune ship it was attacking, got pulled down into the whirlpool. 
*The party met a crazy hermited elemental fusionist who told them about the Mighty Lady on the shaman island and the entrances to the undercity. He also told them that the necromancer they previously faced is not the only one in the city, and to be wary of any wizards found deep in the city. (His own person apparently excluded)
*The party found the remains of a suit of alien power armor, origin unknown. The Malvoran wants to attempt to meld himself into it.

So now it seems that the PCs have a more personal stake in Madhaven: the Malvoran has beef with the Horune for selling his people to the Splugorth, and the Lemurians are ancestral enemies of both the Horune and the Splugorth.

This campaign is turning out to be far more interesting than I imagined it would be.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gods = Kaiju

Clerical orders don't venerate deities, they work to keep them trapped.

Clerics don't pray for spells, they mentally steal energy from the deity to power their spells and keep the deity weak.Clerics typically do not share their deity's alignment, goals, or beliefs.

If a deity wakes up, it comes out of the sea or descends from space, stomping all the cities in their path and breathing fire and acid all over the place.

Sometimes, clerics will wake up their deity to fight off a rampaging rival....but sometimes that does almost as much damage as it does help the situation.

Some gods are mechanical, or bio-mechanical.

Mind. Blown.

KantCon, Year 4 Schedule

I will be attending KantCon in a few weeks. I signed up for my badge and submitted my first event today. I'm pretty excited about my itinerary:

Friday: I'm running Starships & Spacemen 2nd edition in the morning, then in the afternoon playing Dungeon Crawl Classics and then White Star in the evening.

Saturday: Starting off with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, followed by Eden's Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. I don't know what I'm doing in the evening, but I plan to submit a game for that time slot.

Sunday: I haven't planned anything because I usually punk out, much to my own chagrin.

I'm probably skipping out on my usual two local cons. I'm just not feeling it this year, though one of them is offering a gameroom-only membership that I might change my mind on.

Coming up this week: Rifts, FateCore, and John's D&D game.

Monday, June 29, 2015


I just read through Fate Accelerated, a much condensed and simplified version of the Fate Core system. I think I now get enough of the basic concepts to step up to the plate with Fate. (Awww son, that shit rhymes.) I'm not going to do Accel as my game; it's just that the numerous examples and clearer writing have helped me get my head around how this works. Mostly.

I think I'm going to re-do how powers work, but I need to scribble some notes down before I decide anything concretely.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meddling With Fate

Fate session 3 ran on Friday. I'm still not sure I get this game, and I'm now facing the possibility that it simply isn't my thing. I'm going to give it another session or two.

I think one area where I need further tutelage is that of conflict. So far, my players have been exceedingly good at avoiding conflict through ingenuity and stealth.

I'm not sure exactly why I don't grasp the game, but the experience so far leaves me with this feeling that I am somehow missing some large part of the way the game is supposed to work. I don't think I'm giving out enough Fate points, or perhaps the players have taken too many supernatural abilities and the lack of refresh leaves them unable to invoke their Aspects often enough.

Perhaps, since this is a fairly "Extra-centric" game, and both PCs possess Extras, I should rethink how they work. Perhaps turn them into stunts, or maybe even skills. There's the rub, though; I don't feel comfortable enough with the system to tinker with it. I've tried reading sections of the System Toolkit, but they've left me wanting.

I signed up for a Fate game at my favorite summer gaming convention, thinking that perhaps the best way to learn is to start by playing. Unfortunately, that con is still a month away and I'm notorious for punking out on Sunday morning con games.

I have the week off, so perhaps I'll give the rules another read through and see how things go.

In other news, tonight is D&D/E&E night at the LGS. What trouble will find Henrik and company this week?

Friday, June 26, 2015

OneDice Urban Fantasy: The Vampire

Vampires aren't playable in OneDice Urban Fantasy. I don't quite jive with that. Hence, I present to you the option to play a vampire. Note that you have to have a Magic score of at least 1 to be a vampire, just like all the other supernatural creatures.

Supernatural Gift: Vampire

+2 Strong, +2 Quick, Night Vision

Choose two of: Dominate Mind,  Magical Heritage (Necromancy or Sorcery only),  Shapeshifting (Wolf, bat, large rat, or mist, each a separate selection) or Spider Climb.

Weaknesses: Ban (Direct sunlight), Dependency (Blood), Vulnerability (Silver, Holy items), instantly killed if staked through the heart.

-Vampires can exceed the human maximum of 3 in attributes.
-If you are using the optional magic system, vampires who take Magical Heritage can select any magical lore known to the Twilight Brotherhood.