Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Campaign Kickoff and Adventures With Skype

As promised, the first session of my AD&D 1st edition game was tonight. Most of it was finishing off characters and establishing some bits of the setting We did a little bit of actual play, though some players had to leave before we really got going. At any rate, a group of aspiring adventurers have gathered in the town of Ersel, where rumors of treasure abound. A thief has been pursued and lost, but the trail is not cold. I'm eager to see what next week brings.

Tonight I made two important discoveries:

1. Having a player in a remote location participate via Skype actually works quite well... I just turned my monitor around so that the web cam was aimed at the gaming table. The player rolls the dice on his honor, and I trust him to do so. Due to his job, he will likely have to attend the next session via Skype, but we had no audio or visual problems... this is kind of exciting for me because it opens up the possibility of bringing back some old friends to the gaming table, or helping one of my other group's players continue to play with us after she goes back to grad school for the fall. I could even reunite my old college group, many who have been cruelly flung to remote corners of the earth where there is little done in the way of tabletop gaming.

2. They now make testicle-sized cheese puffs. I didn't believe it until one of the players brought a bag for gaming munchies.

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  1. Good stuff! Skype is a pretty good application, glad it is working our for you.