Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inspiration: Vampire Hunter D Novels

I'm reading the first Vampire Hunter D novel, translated into English. I think the setting of the novel (only touched on in the anime films) would make a great setting for a goth-lite, horror themed game of D&D and/or Mutant Future. It's got vampires, zombies, golems, dragons, robots, lasers, were-creatures, fairies, mutants, lost technology, feudal lords, cowboys with heat-rays, mad science, and of course, monster hunters of every stripe imaginable. It's a shame they only made two movies out of the seventeen or so books that have been published so far. (I'm not sure how many have been translated...looks like at least the first ten)

Of course, I'd probably use a different system if I wanted to approximate character's with D's level of skill, (Savage Worlds, perhaps?) but the idea, a sort of Ravenloft-Meets-Gamma World, is immensely appealing to me. This will have to go on the back burner, though, because my current campaign's excursions to the realm of post-apocalyptic science fantasy is still going strong, and if I were crazy enough to run two campaigns I'd want a bit more diversity in terms of genre.


  1. I think you just answered my "how do I make a vampire-themed planet for a mutant future campaign" question... Thanks! :)