Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brief and Pedantic

I am so fucking sick of new editions, reboots, reimaginings, revisions, and rehashes that I could puke.

I know, I know....nobody can force me to play them, but they make it hard to find people to play with because everyone goes OMGSHINY and assumes the older edition is somehow obsolete.

Your mom.


  1. Billy Zane: It's a walk-off, people! It's a walk-off.

  2. I don't even care how well-done someone might think it is or what the medium it is.

    A-Team movie: Worthless.

    "New" Battlestar Galactica: Worthless.

    Star Trek after the original series: Worthless.

    It's intellectual bankruptcy, plain-and-simple. Marketing and brand-recognition in place of any creative/artistic merit.

    When a thing is done, do a new thing.