Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playing D&D With Kung-Fu Guys

...okay, so it probably isn't as exciting as playing D&D with a certain other type of person, on a certain other blog, but I think this will be fairly interesting. I've decided that we're going to use the Cyclopedia as our rules set, mainly because we have one at the school (I have no idea why) and because several members have a copy of the RC. (I will point those who don't in the direction of the Dark Dungeons retro clone. Aesthetics aside, it really is a solid work, and it beats paying through the nose on the internet)

Though I wouldn't normally allow the mystic, I think I will this time, if only because the entire group consists of kung fu enthusiasts. In fact, I'm tempted to use the Weapon Mastery rules (or perhaps an altered version, like the ones that appeared in OD&Dities back when it was free.) I know the mystic doesn't fit the best in a European/Western fantasy game, but we're a bunch of college educated white people who practice a Chinese fighting style, so I figure a little cultural mishmash is acceptable.

I am tempted to start the module off with Keep on the Borderlands or In Search of the Unknown (since I have copies of both), but I might be getting a little bit of the world-builder bug in me. I'm pretty excited to get a new game off the ground, especially since the AD&D game with the RIFTS folks has fallen through. I'm also putting together a WFRP2 campaign at my wife's request.

Good thing I don't have to work a day until August. ;)


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  2. Well, we get the same spam.

  3. That we do, sir.

    I somehow doubt I'll be able to get the hookup from Reaper, though. :P

  4. Spam? I think those characters can be translated to, "Why is that your wife games and mines just gives me a nauseated look when I ask her to role-play, well, role-play at the table I mean. Lucky!"

  5. My wife was a gamer when I met her. I suppose you could call it luck.