Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Thoughts on Modules I've Been Reading

The Red Mausoleum-
Started off strong, excellent atmosphere, but the solutions to the puzzles are far too specific and nit-picky for me, and the place does occasionally offend my naturalist sensibilities. These two things could be fixed, and I like the idea of the dungeon enough to do so, perhaps for my next AD&D/OSRIC outing.

No Dignity in Death-
I bought this last summer but never got around to reading it. After the TPK that was Death Frost Doom and the party giving up halfway through The Grinding Gear, (note I ran these as one-shots, not part of my regular campaign) I'm not sure how enthusiastic my players would be about another J.E. Raggi module, though I am a fan of his work. I've only read the first bride, and I found it to be rather intriguing. My wife thought it would be an excellent scenario to play in, but she thinks that it might not suit the tastes of my current group, or even my former AD&D group. I'll likely finish reading it tonight.

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