Saturday, January 22, 2011


My Traveller game started last night. The setting was nowhere near where I had wanted it to be, but thanks to Christian's recent post on his old buddy's setting, I've decided that less is more and I'm done with mapping and plotting. There is something to be said for letting things develop naturally... which I guess is a way of saying that I was flying by the seat of my pants, and will continue to do so.

I will also say immediately that the money/cargo/passenger/ship operations stuff in Traveller is fucking boring. Roll to see how many passengers get on your ship. Roll to see how many tons of freight are available. Roll to see if you can deliver mail for 25k. Calculate how many runs you have to make this month to pay ship mortgage, fuel, supplies/life support, crew salaries, maintenance, blah blah blah.

One possible solution is that the player who owns the ship and I will do the run stuff prior to the start of each game session, and the adventures will take place during down time. (Unless something notable happens during the run, like a pirate attack, etc.) The accounting thing is an immediate turn off, though.

We had one combat, which I threw in mostly to give players a brief demo of the combat system. I also threw in a plot hook, which runs kind of contrary to how I ran AD&D, but I haven't actually GMed anything since July and haven't had a campaign up since May... so I had to throw myself a frickin' bone.

I like the player characters and I like the NPCs I've created so far, including the NPC steward who is of a hermaphromorphic race that I just sort of made up on the spot.

Oh, I also decided to go with the Kreesh for the vampiric race I generated on Seventh Sanctum. (I posted my Kreesh dilemma a few days ago) I'm glad I put this race into the setting, because my mere description of them gave my players the willies. I think it was my proudest moment last night.

I do consider Traveller to be "on probation." If I cannot find a way to make the tedious bits less tedious, and if the game system itself gives me the blahs, I might have to switch the game to Alernity or Stars Without Number.

I am excited to be running my own game, and excited to have the missus back at the table for the first time in nearly two years.

The original plan was to play once every other week, but I might have to do some schedule adjustment for February...I want to make sure I don't lose momentum while the campaign is still in this nascent stage.

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