Monday, January 17, 2011

Traveller Race 2: The T'ziri

The T'ziri are roughly the size of humans, though they tend to be perhaps one or two inches taller on average. They are covered in bony plates the color of ash, with lighter and darker variations possible. Most T'ziri have heads shaped similar to that of hammerhead sharks, though other head configurations do exist (and among T'ziri, this constitutes one's "race," much the way humans with different skin tones and facial features do) Other head shapes can resemble other types of Earth sea-life such as anglers or cat-fish. Despite these appearances, T'ziri are not aquatic.
T'ziri often carve elaborate runes and symbols into their bone plates, much the way humans modify their bodies with piercings.

Recently, a strange disease has been manifesting among the T'ziri, the cause of which has baffled the galactic community. The T'ziri seem to have incredibly low fertility, along with an alarming increase in degenerative nerve disorders. If these problems are not soon solved, the T'ziri could be extinct in a century or two.

T'ziri are a highly religious, mystical people. Their religion involves finding one's place in the universe.

All T'ziri are psionic to some degree.

In game terms, the T'ziri have 1 point of natural armor. They are always psionic and roll for Psionic strength as a normal attribute. They have Weak Endurance (-2) due to the strange degenerative condition that seems to be plaguing their people.

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