Monday, January 17, 2011

Traveller Race 3- the Kreesh (or the Visaan, I haven't decided...)

One of the random races I generated is an all-female race of blood drinkers. Appropriately enough, one of their random traits is that they derive great pleasure from the taking of sustenance and are, in fact, addicted to it. (Though I think that's kind of dumb; aren't all living creatures essentially addicted to eating?) They have an advanced sense of touch. They come from a world known for exotic life. They are also shell-covered, move around on many legs, and are the result of inter- special breeding.

Well, now. My mind went two places for this race.

The first race, which I'm calling the Kreesh, are insectoid. They actually resemble the "roly-poly" bugs, but with dark colored shells, chitin in the red-blue-purple spectrum of colors, with lots of legs and tiny, hook-like arms. They would be about the size of a large dog, coming up the the waist on an average human male. I imagine their society based on hives and similar in structure to ants or termites, with most members being technically female but really genderless aside from a queen. I had also imagined them as an offshoot of the Hivers, though I'm not sure I'm going to use any original Traveller races so that would be out the window.

Another place I went in my mind is the Visaan. take away the shells (or make them have the standard Star Trek-ish bony head structure) and make them resemble humanoids and be more like mammals. Essentially, turn them into the Hot Green/Hot Blue Chick Race (from my list of Essential Cliched Alien Races posted awhile back) but make them the Hot Red/Blue/Purple race. Option on changing the blood to bio-energy or something similar.

I'm kind of leaning toward the first option, if only because my wife frowns on the idea of a race of hot vampire chicks. (She does, however, think there needs to be a Hot Blue/Hot Green chick race; she's rooting for Blue if only because the likes the asari from Mass Effect so much.) I also like the idea of having my universe populated with some major races who aren't basically humanoid. (That's one of the reasons I almost kept the Hivers, in fact.)

In game terms, the Kreesh have Natural Armor at 2. They have Weak Social Standing (-2) because they tend to be feared and mistrusted by other major races. (It's that whole blood-drinking-and-loving it thing) They also come from a strictly structured society in which workers and drones are far more common than the higher functioning breeders/nobles.

The Visaan, on the other hand, have the penalty to Social Standing, but are also psionic. I'm thinking their powers are limited to something like an energy drain. (I'd have to look it up, as I'm not all that familiar with Trav's psionics system)

Thoughts, dear readers? Which iteration of the race should I go with?

I'm going to finish up one or two more "major" races and then just kind of fill the minor ones in as necessary. I need to flesh out the galactic landscape with a few major players.

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