Monday, April 18, 2011

My Pet Project Has a Name

The project I recently mentioned, in which I am converting a Certain Game with Mega-Damage to Stars Without Number/D&D now has a name. The name of the project is RWG. My group knows what it means; I will leave you, dear readers, to determine what the acronym stands for.

After discussion it with my group a little today, I can see I have along row to hoe, even if I am just converting the main rulebook for now. I have started on a very simple Cyborg character class. (Actually, Cyborg is just a specialization of the Warrior class, not so much a class unto itself.) I'm not sure how much progress I'll make in the next few weeks, given that I must start preparing finals and final projects and do book inventories and whatnot... I will try not to put it entirely off until summer, though.


  1. Rifts Without Guns...I have no clue, but thought I would guess. I downloaded a copy of Stars without Number but haven't looked at it yet. Everyone seems to be enjoying it.

  2. Tim, you have two of the three words right. ;)

  3. Oh come on, you know they're not going to get the 'G' right!! Although, I really like both guesses!