Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pathfinder: My Journey Toward the Dark Side is Complete

I know that Pathfinder is probably not a popular game in this corner of Blogaria.

My friend Josh, who is in the Sunday group and the Traveller group and the mostly defunct Hackmaster group and just about everything I've run for the past six years is into it.

My wife is into it. (Well, 3.5, but I think she'd be down for the Pathfinder train)

Her best friend, who is coming back for the summer, is into it. (Well, 3.5, just like the wife)

I can think of a few friends/gamers who are into it. (Yes, I associate with people who don't share my enthusiasm for yellowed old books with attack matrices and purple prose- the horror)

Point is: PF may have a certain inevitability in my future. Right now I'd rather play a PF game that runs than a game that doesn't, for instance.(Hack and Traveller are essentially done)

I will grant PF a few things mechanically, but for me the main draw is my ability to include people in gaming who are not currently included. It also reminds me of the good times I had with a previous gaming group that only played 3.5; I enjoyed the company and I enjoyed the campaign and characters, even if I did have some frustrations with the system. I'd also take any iteration of D&D 3.x over 4.0 any day of the week, but that horse is quite dead, so I shall say no more.

With the return of my wife's best friend, there exists the possibility of getting the band back together.

In the meantime, Traveller looks to be dead in the water. I really like the campaign we were developing, but honestly I just can't go back to Trav now that I've had Stars Without Number.  (Which I am continuing with and am running this Sunday, in fact) Perhaps I will ask the group one more time to bring it back. Alternatives have been suggested as well, but nothing to which I am giving serious thought yet.

I still like old D&D better. Honest.

Now, if anybody needs me, I'm going to take my lightsaber and go find all those Jedi children...I have something I need to... tell them...


  1. Have fun any way you can get it! Hell, I play WoD, which seems to be about as popular among bloggers as Twilight. Ugh.

  2. Fun is fun. And Pathfinder can be fun. Of course since I write PF stuff I am a tad biased. ;)

  3. Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but Oddysey has drunk the Pathfinder cool-aid as well. >.>

  4. I played in a PF campaign last summer. It was fun. Playing was fun. I think we skipped a fair bit of the crunchy stuff at times. And I did think at the end there was more game there than was needed.

    But it does have the ever so supreme advantage of being popular, sold in every game store and in the major book stores, and well supported. You can find players for Pathfinder; you usually have to make players for the OSR.

  5. Huh.

    Is there a particular reason your wife prefers 3.5 to older versions of D&D? I daresay, anything Pathfinder can do, B/X can do better. Besides pretty pictures, of course.

    I ask not to be snarky (really!) but out of genuine curiosity. I'm all in favor of gaming with real people, face-to-face, over having to seek like-minded on-line types...but what is the appeal? The appeal to YOU would be "I get to game with my wife and friends!" What's the appeal to THEM?

    [for the record, before my current table got started I met up a couple times with an Indie group of role-players. THEIR problem with D&D was simply "D&D"...the subject matter (no matter the edition). If I hadn't been bit so hard by the D&D bug that I had to "do my own thang," I'd probably still be playing Risus and such...but what's up with your spouse? I assume you know her thoughts well and can provide some insight]


  6. I love all the old versions of the game (yep, even 2E), with my favorite being BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia era, but I am a 3.5/Pathfinder junkie as well. I just love the way the system works. My group skips the bits we don't remember (specific DCs for certain things, the entire Intimidation skill effect of demoralizing an opponent, etc.).

  7. Yeah, don't beat yourself up over the "Edition Wars." Just grab a game and have a good time!

  8. It's an Alexandrian moment: A fighter is still a fighter.

    I'm not down with the whole system as much as I like their approach at Paizo.

    I would give both testicles to have fans like they have and I have listened to Erik Mona on several occasions and it doesn't feel like he's trying to give me a hand job while talking about gaming (unlike Mike Mearls who should just rename his column Demons & Demographics).

    And always remember the golden rule: If you are having fun you are doing it right :)