Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stars Without Number Session 2: Somebody Dies session 2 and we already have a  PC casualty.

I was a bit bewildered... the PC who died had only one hit point left and was engaging a known hazard that required a saving throw to avoid a poison of Toxicity 7, Interval of 1 minute, Virulence 1, 1d3 dmg. per failed save. The PC also did not observe a known precaution that granted +2 to his saving throw. The PC with the medkit failed to make his skill check when said PC failed his save, so he took the point of damage and died.

Today I gave experience based on the cash value of loot found, plus 100 xp/HD of monst-er, I mean, alien slain, plus a bit for completing some optional quests. Since there is no way to revive dead PCs, I divided the experience among the survivors, which was enough to send the Experts to 2nd level.

Today's session was pretty much a D&D session with lasers. The PCs are stuck on a planet, trying to repair their starship and devise a means of escape from the pretech automated defense system on the planet's moon, which shot them down to begin with. I've sprinkled the planet with hostile indigenous aliens, hostile medieval/Puritan/xenophobic descendants of the original  pre-Scream colony, a crazy scientist doing maltech experiments, crashed escape pods possibly filled with space convicts, some ominous pre-tech ruins, and a variety of hostile fauna of my own devising.

...oh, and I threw in a shrieker for D&D, just for the hell of it. 

Needless to say, I cannot wait to play again.

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  1. I love SWN! "hostile medieval/Puritan/xenophobic descendants" my PC is going to start watching over her shoulder...

    I'm thing we need to get some lazarus med patches, ASAP!