Friday, May 13, 2011

All the Angst, Half the Price

There is a comic/game store that is near my work. It's the place where I used to play Swords & Wizardry back in 2009, when my blog was new. I seldom go there these days, but something prompted me to stop in earlier this week. I found that all White Wolf books were 50% off. I picked up a pair that I had been meaning to own for some time, seeing as how even the mighty Amazon couldn't top a discount like that. When I asked the store clerk what the occasion was, he told me that they are clearing out all White Wolf books, and in fact will not be carrying WW anymore. Apparently sales for WW products have totally dropped off, and with WW's switch to electronic and POD as their primary means of distribution, the store decided they could put the shelf space to better use. I'm still thinking about a few of the books on those shelves because...well, half price!

It will be kind of weird not to see White Wolf books on the shelves anymore. Even the stores that haven't consciously decided to liquidate them won't be getting that many more books, and the stock they have now will vanish eventually.

In happier news, I got an email from Sine Nomine this morning, and I shall summarize it in two words: SWN Cyberpunk. (Yes, I am cheating by using an acronym. Aren't I clever?)

Yes, believe I shall be ordering a print copy later this month, when they are available.

Did I mention I love SWN?

I will be spending tonight and tomorrow preparing for gaming. My SWN game continues on Sunday, and I might be starting Pathfinder as soon as tomorrow. (Ohjesuschristnotready) For PF, I am thinking low-magic with a slight Celtic flavor (really more of a Celtic glaze than anything), but more on that later.


  1. I cannot figure out how WW lost all of its momentum in the tabletop arena. It used to be gangstah, now it's just faded away. So weird.

  2. Geez, I totally missed the boat on this WW news. Very weird indeed! Never thought I'd see the day. Then again, I used to think TSR would be around forever as well, so there you have it.

  3. Christian, I was trying to come up with some kind of analogy to an aging hipster still listening to Joy Division on cassette tapes... but I think you get the idea.

    Larkins: I also believed that about TSR. I still kind of believe it about Steve Jackson, though I think they are more of "The Munchkin People" these days than they are "The GURPS People."