Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still Working on RIFTS

I continue to work part time on my RIFTS rules revision... which is really just me stealing the best house rules and the best alternate rules from various back issues of The Rifter. I'd love to post it, but even with Palladium's recent softening of their stance on the possibility that their rules system might need a slight revision, I fear the wrath of Super Kev.

I have, however, hit a small rules snag.

(What? A rules snag in Palladium?!)

Okay, so I've never been down with the fact that learning higher levels of hand to hand training and supplemental skills such as boxing also make you able to shoot more times or cast more spells in a single round. I was going to use the rules from Rifter #11 (I think) that split a character's Hand to Hand and Ranged abilities into two separate categories, which are trained up separately. (This also means you can play a gunslinger extraordinaire who isn't also Jackie goddamn Chan.) All was going well until I decided to use the PPE Channeling rule from "Best of The Rifter, which sets the number of PPE points per action spellcasters can spend; the purpose of this system is to make lower level spells quicker to cast, and to let higher level spellcasters toss off low level spells faster than more novice practitioners. The problem is this: would casting a spell use melee attacks per round (as determined by a character's Hand to Hand training) or Ranged attacks per round (as determined by the new Ranged training?) Perhaps I could come up with some other way to determine how many "spell actions" per round a mage type receives... there was something similar to this in the original version of the Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying Game. (I believe it was based purely on the caster's class and level) What to do, what to do?

I frequently wonder what benefit, if any, I will derive from trying to fix RIFTS. On one hand, I enjoy the challenge of unborking a borked rule system, plus I like the spirit behind Palladium stuff, even if I find the mechanical execution a bit...lacking. Mindy continues to work on the RIFTS-to-SWN conversion. If I ever run RIFTS, it will be with my own fixes in place.


  1. Good Luck! I think a SWN-Rifts game would be fun, but I wonder if some of the "oomph" of Rifts would be lost?

  2. officially, in Rifts Ultimate Edition, spells from levels 1-5 cost one attack per melee, leves 6-10 are two attacks, and 11-15 cost 3 attacks per melee.

    I've always used the Palladium Fantasy rules because I like them better. Levels 1-5 = 2 total magic attacks per round, levels 6-10 = 1 magic attack per round, and high level spells are 1 every two rounds.

    I don't like the Rifts rules because it doesn't make a lot of sense as to why Boxing would allow you to cast magic faster.

    However, in Rifts, that might increase the survivability of magic classes substantially.

  3. I'm more inclined to use PPE Channeling than the official RUE rules...but since I'm tracking Hand to Hand and Ranged combat separately, the question is: which pool of actions do they use when casting?