Monday, June 20, 2011

Durrr numbers durrrr


One thing that constantly hamstrings me with Pathfinder is that my memories and assumptions from 3.5 (which I haven't run since... 2008? 2007?) continue to trip me up, this time in the form of the experience table.

A stupid mistake, really. You'd think I would at least glance at the table, right?

Those CR/XP budgets were feeling awfully constricting, and the 10 encounters per level thing was also getting to me.

Oh, because there are actually far more than ten per level.

Level 2 is 2,000 exp, no 1,000.
Level 3 is 5,000, not 3,000.

I have leveled the party early twice, and the treasure level is all jacked up... and the game book explicitly states that treasure is factored into game balance.

Ugh. I feel like I can never get properly studied in Pathfinder... and when I feel like I have a solid grasp on it, something like this happens.

At this point, I think I'm going to let PCs keep whatever level they are and we'll just proceed normally... so they have a looooong walk to 4th level. I'd better get cozy with those CR 3 monsters...

...and devise an experience system for quest completion, solving challenges/puzzles, etc...

Fuckdamnshit. I am a perfectionist and when I screw up something like this it drives me half insane.

In lighter news, I've decided that Stars Without Number will be my convention game.

Gah. Time to go engage in some kind of OCD behavior for awhile.


  1. Here's how I handle this - but it's a heavy-handed approach. The PCs level when I tell them to, after we're done with what I consider an "episode" in the campaign. 2-3 sessions and I generally give them a level. I stopped tracking experience entirely way back in the early days of 3e, and experimented with it when I ran my last 2e campaign. It works for us, less bookkeeping.

  2. And I use slow progression: 3000 XP for 1. level. The druid is short from leveling up to level 2 after 10 sessions so far. That's great. Propably doesn't work for everybody, though. ;)
    You could always change to fast progression (I think 1300 for 2. level etc.) That's near enough to the old table.

  3. 3000 xp for 2nd level of course...

  4. You know, as irritated as I am with myself over the error, I'm actually relieved at how much more it takes to level than I thought. I'm not a big fan of the "Ten Encounters Per Level" formula of 4e, and I want to award experience for non-combat things. The medium progression will allow me to have more encounters and award experience for non-combat stuff, and that suits me just fine. I also think that in a game where there are no "dead" levels, there should be time to acclimate to one's new abilities. Leveling fast in a game where you get something new at every level was another thing about 4e that drove me nuts; it felt like you could never get used to your new abilities before you got new new abilities.