Sunday, June 26, 2011

Le Sigh

Stars Without Number did not run today.
I had a player cancel yesterday.
I had a player cancel three minutes before game time today.
I had another player email me fifteen minutes after the game session to tell me he was not going to be playing anymore.

The only gaming I got to do this weekend was when Mindy ran a little ad hoc game that, as best I can describe it, was "Grand Theft Auto" the roleplaying game. We started out as convenience store clerks and ended up as heavily armed fugitives fleeing to Mexico in a stolen cop car with $22,000 and a bunch of contraband. She used a rules engine based on hit points and target numbers on a d20. Josh lost three characters. My original character, an unnamed ex-convenience store clerk and his last character, Joe Bob the anti-government redneck, ended up opening up a cigar shop in Cabo San Lucas. It was oddly entertaining. It was also, as far as I can tell, pretty much a modern version of "kick in the door" style D&D... you kill things and take their stuff.

So... at least I don't have to do any game prep this week. Both Pathfinder and Stars Without Number are ready to roll. PF will hopefully resume this Friday. Stars Without Number will be running again in two weeks. (Next week is an extra special "season finale" of Deadlands.)

Game on, amigos. I hope your players don't all cancel at the last minute this week...


  1. Them there be bad omens they be.

  2. Josh and I were sharing fond memories of our AD&D game with Mindy from our Sunday group.

    In retrospect, I wish I had just insisted the game move back to my house, cut loose those who couldn't commit, and just ran it with you, Josh, and Anthony.

  3. Those last minute cancellations are rough. Sorry man, know how ya feel!