Saturday, June 25, 2011


-Pathfinder didn't run last night.
-I'm supposed to run SWN tomorrow, but I am woefully unprepared. Free Traveller module to the rescue.
-I still have RIFTS stuff rolling around in the back of my head, like an annoying pop song that gets stuck in your brain.
-Tentatively running SWN at OSFEST 4.0 in a couple of weeks.
-I haven't started Changeling, and am unlikely to at this point. The book is interesting, but honestly has more appeal to me as a fictional setting than as something I want to play or run.
-Favorite blog posts this last week: Jeff Rients on spellbooks and 5stone on less Lovecraftian stuff (done to death) and more Brothers Grimm/Spenser.

End of Line.


  1. Let us know how your SWN game goes!

  2. Well, I asked for Friday night at 7 but haven't heard back... if I don't get the time slot, I'll just have to run it whenever there is an open table. This module, by the way, is sort of a spiritual sequel/successor to the Mutant Future game I ran last year and the D&D game I ran the year before that. :)