Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Good To Counteract the Bad

To offset the negative tone of my last post, here are some good things to come out of gaming recently:

-I have started reading a YA sci-fi book called Leviathan, by one Scott Westerfeld. My wife has been trying to get me to read this for ages, and I have finally listened to her. This book hearkens back to some of the ideas I came up with when I was reading Sun of Suns a few years ago... particularly a Prussian Savage Worlds game with airships and dueling. I also find that I want to mix in some faerie stuff from the recent reading of Changeling: the Lost that I've been doing. My mind feels refreshed and I'm scarcely 50 pages into it. I think I may finally be putting that Prussian airship game together sooner rather than later.

-I scored a used copy of the Pathfinder Corebook at the LGS this evening. Having only one copy of the book at the table was a major drag... and now, with this purchase, we may have as many as four next time. (Two of my players found themselves discounted copies, and I now own two as well, though one of them now belongs to the missus)

-Polychrome is a legit book now, and Kevin Crawford released another excellent Mandate Archive with an alien race I find myself quite taken with; the Qotah. When I get my stipend money for some of the teacher meetings I attended this last year, I believe I will be ordering hard copies of Polychrome as well as Skyward Steel. (Although one of my group members purchased the PDFs and printed/bound copies for me, I find I prefer the real thing...and I also want to kick a few bucks in Kevin Crawford's direction so that he continues putting out top notch stuff.)

-A new con is this weekend. I'm not sure that there's any gaming going on there, but I intend to make some, probably with some Raggi modules and the red n' blue D&D books.

-One of the players from my fondly-remembered AD&D1 game has come back from obscurity to join my Friday and Sunday groups. We sorely missed him and it's good to have him back among our ranks.

-I may soon have three weekly games, if I can just get my shit together. This is likely unsustainable past the summertime, but I intend to enjoy it while it lasts.

-My regular local con is next month! I will run the third installment of my "Zirugar" module, which takes place several centuries after the first, and in the tradition of my little series, uses a slightly different rule set. (The first was Cyclopedic D&D, the second was Mutant Future, the third shall be Stars Without Number- originally I had planned to use Spacemen & Starships 2nd edition, but Goblinoid seems to have moved that to the back burner)

Game on, blog amigos.


  1. Leviathan is great gaming inspirational material. I've been thinking about a more supernatural, but no less anachronistic World War I pulp game with demon-possessed barbed wire golems and cultists in the sewers of Paris.

  2. Your Prussian airships and faeries game sounds rather like castle Falkenstein?

  3. Three games in a week during the summer? Nice!

  4. Jamie- That sounds freaking sweet. Might I suggest mustard gas elementals? (To go with the barbed wire golems, of course) My game will likely not feature the bio-engineereed stuff from Leviathan, though.

    richard- I am only vaguely familiar with Castle Falkenstein...I have never played or read it.

    christian- It's only two games a week right now. I'm hoping to get the third off the ground soon so I can ride this strange torpedo of fortune as long as I can... like I said, there is no way that this situation is sustainable beyond summer, if that long.

  5. Contagion!

    Yea. I'm running a ton of Pathfinder. Hope to see you there.

    Note that the gaming room is offset from the main con, which is good and bad.

  6. I'm actually not going to Contagion after all.

    I wish I'd known there was a game room... I could find no information, and my wife's inquiries went unanswered.

  7. Sorry about that one. I wish I could have done more for the convention.

    The 18th is Free RPG day at the gameshoppe, I'll be running the Goodmand Games DCC adventure and the 'We Be Goblins' pathfinder one. There will be others, I know about someone running the 4e mod and the Warhammer 40k mod. I'm trying to get more.

  8. Aw, dave, you don't need to apologize. It certainly isn't your fault. I think the con did a pretty crappy (by which I mean non-existent) job of promoting the game room. You said it isn't part of the con proper, so I can understand why they didn't promote it, but they could have at least mentioned it... the only reason I know it's even there is because I just happen to know you and you just happened to read this particular blog entry. I will have to hit up Free RPG Day. I love Gameshoppe, though I haven't had a chance to get out that way since last summer.

    Hey, when is the next Nuke Con game day? Those never fail to be a good time.