Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thoughts from the Geekend

A curious observation: while I was at the used bookstore earlier today, I noticed that they are charging a relatively high price for 3.5 stuff....they had a very badly damaged copy of the Spell Compendium and yet they wanted twenty bucks for it. They also had some of the Monster Manual line from 3.5 and they were priced fairly high for used books. In fact, the 3.5 stuff was going for around the same price as the 4e stuff.

I found the "D&D Classic Rules and Adventures Book," which seems to be the old black boxed set from my childhood, only in book form and without the dungeon mat and paper minis. It contained the old adventure "Escape from Zanzer's Dungeon," designed to teach the game step by step. I almost bought it, but really... I already have the Cyclopedia and the little red and blue books... how many copies of the exact same thing do I need? I also realized that Zanzer Tem is a really crappy evil wizard, since his master plan involves kidnapping the PCs so they can work in his salt mine.

...yeah. Homie Zanzer's master plan is to mine and sell salt, using slave labor to keep his overhead down. This is what he does with his arcane power.

Oh, well. It was fun when I was ten, and it was my gateway into the Cyclopedia.

In other news, tomorrow is the last session of Deadlands for awhile. Josh is switching out with Mindy, who is going to run her unholy kibtash of Traveller, Stars Without Number, and RIFTS. Yeah, you read that right.

Meanwhile, I continue to run Pathfinder and Stars Without Number. I haven't started my promised third game yet. I'm also still working on my RIFTS rules, and I've actually been working on a post about them all week, but I just can't seem to finish the damn thing.

Game on, amigos.


  1. Having run the Palladium system way back (Heroes Unlimited, Robotech, TMNT), my Rifts fix (if I hadn't sold it on EBay) would be:

    Pick the iteration of D&D you run best with, treat Rifts as an after-market/third-party supplement, and house-rule as you go.

    I mean, if you compare the Palldium system to Arduin's reworking of OD&D...

    Have fun! :)

  2. That's kind of brilliant.
    I was initially planning to do something similar with Stars Without Number, treating the RIFTS classes as specializations/training kits. From what I've read of the RIFTS video game, they did something similar.

    Sadly, I've never had the opportunity to peruse Arduin. I imagine it's probably somewhat difficult to find.

    I can see the roots of heavily house ruled AD&D in the guts of Palladium, and the farther you go back into the system (in terms of how old the books are) the more you can see it. My method is like yours, but more roundabout; I keep peeling back the crud until I can find the point where it all started to go wrong, then divert it. This may or may not be possible.

  3. The Arduin stuff, the original stuff, is still for sale at

    I want to try it sometime. I'm also interested in the latest version, Arduin Eternal. Only if my available time were endless...