Saturday, July 23, 2011

Convention, Day 1

Friday evening/Saturday early morning has been quite enjoyable so far. The guests here are especially nice this year. I spent most of the evening running Stars Without Number for a packed house, and I think I may have turned some folks on to the game. I ended up catching a GM second wind of sorts and ended up running a third module in the Zirugar series, which is my usual fare at the Local Con. We didn't actually finish the module because the players got a little sidetracked (and I let them) and I had to meet the missus at the steampunk social, which was very tame by comparison. We met some dandy new friends, including newly local gamers.

A fellow that I blogged unkindly about last year was present, and he seems to have calmed down muchly since last we met. It might also have been the complimentary booze coursing through my veins at the time. Oh, and there was, in one of the room parties, a cake shaped like the TARDIS.

All of my immediate party have retired to their rooms for the night. I am contemplating heading back to the room parties, but I'm not decided yet.

Tomorrow I might try to finish my module if I can get that crew together again. I am also prepared for a number of pick-up games.

I am supposed to be getting up in five and a half hours for the complimentary breakfast. We'll see how that turns out. My goal is to game at least twice more this weekend.

Dave, if you're reading this, thanks so much for bringing players to my SWN table. I had a blast. Perhaps I'll have to run it again at Nuke-Con, or at the game store in BV one of these weeks.

The gaming did me good, especially considering my recent burnout.

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  1. it was a blast. and I loved how you handled the 'tangent'