Sunday, July 24, 2011

Convention, Day 2

Okay, so Day 2 was yesterday, but I found myself continually distracted.

I didn't game yesterday, but I did loiter around the gaming area. The two main things going on were Star Wars Saga Edition (which I would have played but it would have run into the martial arts demonstration that I was part of) and Pathfinder. The SW game was going on even after my demo, and I have to admit that the game was compelling enough for me to watch the big finale. The Pathfinder game was a bit too....clinical... for my taste, but the players seemed to enjoy it well enough. It made me wish that my Pathfinder game hadn't ended.

I supported a small merchant yesterday, so I suppose I should have that warm inner glow of having helped the Little Guy in these Troubled Times. I could have saved a few bucks on Amazon, sure, but only a few. I ended up getting Ultimate Magic for Pathfinder and the missus picked up a new dice set. (Because gods know she doesn't have enough dice sets...)

Martial arts demonstration was fun. The area they put us in totally sucked and we had to improvise in a big way. It was indicated on the programming to be a "grassy knoll" but it was neither of those things.

The room parties were fun. I have an enormous headache, but it was well earned. I am thinking about crawling down to breakfast.

Today I will be playing Dungeon Crawl Classics, which is set to run in about forty minutes. I had also planned to play a game of Metamorphosis Alpha, which will have me gaming back to back for most of the day. If I can muster the stamina and gumption, I am also supposed to attend Shadowrun at my Sunday gaming group. Hmm... maybe I'll have to jettison Metamorphosis Alpha... or maybe I just need to cowboy goddamn up.

I do want to say two things about this year's incarnation of the Local Con.

1. It was horribly organized, perhaps worse than any year.
2. It was incredibly fun, regardless, perhaps more fun than any other year.

Oddly enough, I didn't see any ordinary hotel guests expressing open (or thinly veiled) horror/disgust. Actually, now that I think about it... I don't really remember seeing any hotel guests who weren't part of the convention. I know we had something like three floors, which is only half the hotel... just lucky I guess.
I also did not run into anyone this year who was unbearable, repulsive, or smelly. The people were really great this year. My wife did report some creepers about, but I didn't notice them. I was only "trapped" in one conversation, an awkward conversation about Mage Knight, but the lad was nice enough.

Well, I'd love to blog more, but I need to get some eggs in me. (Settle down, stomach, this is for your own good) A little protein will do me some good, since, from what I hear about DCC, some character death is nearly certain.

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