Sunday, July 24, 2011

Convention, Day 3

My body has gone into Con-Shock.
Con-Shock always hits me on Sunday. It's when I go from a relatively balanced diet of mostly fish with lots of fruits and vegetables, adequate and regular sleep, and no alcohol to a weekend with wildly erratic and inadequate sleep, a steady intake of junk food, and two consecutive nights of binge drinking. It's a combination of hangover, sleep deprivation, digestive abuse, and general overdosing on awesomeness.

I'm at home now, and actually late for my Sunday game, which I am trying to summon the stamina to attend.

I did not play Metamorphosis Alpha today, but I did play Dungeon Crawl Classics.

I don't have much of an impression of the game, given that we were playing 0-level characters with very little abilities aside from Luck (a finite resource that can add to die rolls and also, depending on the character, to certain other rolls as well) and the ability to come back from death with a DC 10 Fort Save, so long as another character "checks" on them. I also think this only works once...or once per adventure... I'm not sure.

I will say this: you have to do a lot of thinking and planning when you are playing someone with AC 10, 3 hit points, and really no bonuses to speak of to hit, to save, etc. We were, in fact, each given a "four pack" of characters, due to the high mortality rate. (Actually, that's rather reminiscent of Paranoia... except you get all your "lives" at once.)

Presumably, characters to live to get to 1 experience point (they begin with -100) get to choose a character class. I think you also lose your "I'm not dead!" ability.

The DM did a great job...he made the game fun as hell, and Dave is also willing and able to go off the rails in a module when necessary. Gaming with Dave has always been fun.

As for DCC itself...I don't know. I don't like having huge parties of paper-thin characters. I found that a table full of people, each controlling multiple characters, really bogs things down. I also noticed, and I am guilty of this myself, that it is hard not to play your characters as one hive mind with four bodies. I tried actively to make two of my characters bitter enemies, but then this just seems like table-hogging dramatics. I really liked the check-on-you-friend rule and might steal that for B/X or SWN.

We had a lot of party on party violence. I fear that DCC may have the same effect that Hackmaster 4th has, where everyone has a high chance of turning into party-killing cockbags in the name of "playing it old school." HOWEVER, I would give DCC another chance. After all, I imagine there's likely to be a lack of impulse control on a Sunday morning Convention game. Everybody is suffering from Con-Shock, and even people better behaved than I are probably tired and worn out from the weekend. Hackamster, on the other hand, has produced this behavior in players 100% of the time, and I've played it in different towns with different configurations of players and GMs. I guess my sample size of DCC isn't enough to warrant the label, though I have to say that it wouldn't surprise me at all if DCC produces a play experience similar to HM4.

Overall, this was a great weekend. I had a lot of fun, I met some new friends, my wife looked lovely in her costume, I got to game a couple of times, and I bought just one new gaming book. Oh, and my Stars Without Numbers supplements arrived in the mail, but that's another post entirely.

And now, I'm going to drink some water, take some Tylenol, and maybe try to drag myself to the Sunday game.


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  1. I wish I was half as eloquent as you are. I also enjoyed Sunday and had a blast. Yes, that game had a few PC on PC conflicts, and I think the huge crowd of PC's was weird.

    Your inner sub party conflict was hilarious and I think I'm going to steal liberally.

    Canyon Spiders!?!