Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welcome to Grimshire

Firstly, my two player game of Pathfinder went swimmingly. I ran the session as a "flashsideways" that will occur between some other adventure some other time. Yeah, continuity is a bit wonky, but who cares... better to juggle a little retconning than to let a campaign die on the vine. Because the cancellation of the regular session was last minute, I had to adapt and steal from a published adventure. Still, I added my own stuff and flavored it my way... basically I just needed the map and the bare bones idea, a cramped dungeon underneath a ruined castle, where dark fey are planning to transform a kidnapped human boy into their new king. I also created a new campaign location, Grimshire, which I like quite a bit and which is unfolding in my mind.

A few items to add to my campaign folder:

1. Grimshire- An area of foreboding, thickly-wooded hills in the west of the kingdom of Gildred. Once a fief, Grimshire lost its lord long ago and was folded into the neighboring realms. The forest of Grimshire is said to be haunted by both ghosts and wicked dark fey, known to snatch children in the night. The people of Grimshire are a suspicious lot, and cold iron weapons are in high demand in the logging and mining towns that dot the hills. The locals have many superstitions and customs regarding fey, particularly how to ward off the evil and capricious ones while attracting the boons and blessings of the kindly varieties.

2. Klaus Volliger (3rd level human ranger)- A hunter of evil fey and their ilk. Klaus' mother was ensorcelled by such creatures when he was just a lad. While his father was somehow able to bring her back from their clutches, she was never the same... she became a madwoman who eventually wasted away and died. Many children in Klaus' village were also taken by the dark creatures. Klaus' father taught him how to fight and slay them. Klaus generally roams from village to village in Grimshire, but he is always a welcome sight to villagers who are plagued by evil spirits. (Or sometimes more mundane concerns; Klaus is happy to put an arrow into a smug bandit or a vile goblin, so long as it isn't one of his precious cold iron-tipped shafts)

Lately I've had Brothers Grimm on the brain, particularly after 5stone games mentioned it as an alternative to the Lovecraft-Derleth-weird-frog-gods-from-spaaaaaaaaaace flavor that seems to be so prevalent around this corner of the Internet. Grimshire will let me have "creepy fairy tale D&D*" in my campaign without having to switch over wholesale. Yes... I see a story involving a werewolf, and perhaps a giant or two...
I think this interlude might become a major leg of the campaign.

*Yes, I know it's technically Pathfinder. One could argue, however, that it is all semantics...


  1. Sounds like fun Ryan and thanks for the shout out!

  2. I for one am happy to be among klaus' entourage