Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting in on the Secret

Lately, Tenkar has been teasing us on his blog with tidbits about this game called The Secret Fire. Aside from its ponderous and intriguing name, the game has also apparently earned accolades from Gail Gygax and Monte Cook, who I place about as far apart on the roleplaying game design/appreciation spectrum as can be. I had mulled over it, since I need another fantasy game like I need a fourth nipple, but then....
double sale all the way. A temporary reduction in price by the publisher AND a 20% discount on Lulu proved to be too much savin' for me to pass up, and so I expect my copy of TSF in the near future.

...oh, and one odd thing: in the past, my hits mostly game from either a popular search engine whose name starts with G, or from JB's blog, B/X Blackrazor. Lately, however, I've been getting all kinds of hits from some site that appears to be a facebook for people who dye their hair and have piercings. I cannot fathom why I'm getting traffic from such a place.


  1. I dragged yet another into the flames? Damn cool! heh

    Yeah, the name isnt my first choice, but then again, even Adventurer Conqueror King System can sound bad - ACKS! (sorry, my cat is having hairball issues ;)

  2. I'm getting hits on my blog from the same site you mention, Ryan. I can't explain it, either.

  3. Vis a vis hits from Goth Facebook, same here! WTF?

  4. I thought emo kids liked dark elves like Drizzz'zz'tz't because he has a dark soul of dark darkness that he must struggle with, darkly, for all eternity.