Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random Table: Chinese Restaurant Names

Roll a d8 and a d10 and consult each table to create a random Chinese restaurant. Optionally, roll twice on the first table and once on the second table for a slightly more epic name. This table is capable of creating the names of eleven actual Chinese restaurants that I know of, so you know it's legit.

Roll Name Element 1
1 China
2 Hong Kong
3 Shanghai
4. Mandarin
5. Imperial
6. Golden
7. Dragon
8. Jade

Roll Name Element 2
1. Palace
2. Garden
3. Cafe
4. Express
5. Buffet
6. One
7. Dragon
8. Wok
9. China
10. Road


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  2. rolled china one which is a place here in town was really hoping for a roll of 1,9 or 7,7 so I could have china china or dragon dragon

  3. Dragon Dragon was a restaurant created by the original random table, which I had to create from memory. (Tossed that notebook a loooong time ago)

    Yeah, there's a China One near my house. I ordered them entirely too much last summer. XD