Monday, August 8, 2011

Savage Worlds House Rules

It seems I've been cluttering up my blog with my Shadowrun Conversion project, so here's something to break up the endless SR/SWN stuff.

I was reading Savagepedia the other day and I came across these two house rules that really struck a chord with me:

1. Removal of the Guts skill. Characters roll their Spirit trait when they are exposed to frightful or gruesome situations, or when someone tries to use the Intimidate skill on them. (Or anything else that would've called for a Guts roll) This house rule also adds a Bravery Edge, which adds a +2 to Spirit rolls made to resist fear or Intimidation. (Again, anything that would've required a Guts check) You can also add a Cowardly Hindrance, Minor or Major, that gives characters a -2/-4 to those types of checks as well.

2. Removal of the Throwing skill. The site suggests using a straight Agility roll, or possibly Fighting for big, muscle powered projectiles like hand axes or spears while using Shooting for small, agile thrown weapons like daggers or shuriken. I'd be inclined to go with the latter option, making the Agility roll used for grenade-like missiles such as rocks vials of holy water, or, you know...grenades.

A couple of my own house rules, while we're on the subject:

1. Characters who take Elderly and have Strength and Vigor at d4 incur a -2 penalty to all Strength and Vigor rolls; this is mainly to keep people from min/maxing with the Elderly Hindrance. I'm not sure I'd actually use this, because the Hindrance does lock your Strength and Vigor die at whatever you left them at during character creation, so the character is never able to improve those stats, even if he changes his mind later.

2. Removal of the Faith skill for Blessed. Use a straight-up Spirit roll instead. This was inspired by the "No Guts" rule I always thought it was a little weird that faith is a skill. You can add an Edge called Pious or Chosen or something that adds +2 to Spirit rolls made to invoke Miracles if you want.

3. Weird Science skill- Keep it. In fact, use is more often. The rules call for Weird Science only being used for passive devices, like those that grant Armor or somesuch. Devices that have ranged attacks should us Shooting, or vehicles should use Pilot or Drive. I was thinking that Weird Scientists should be good with their inventions. If another character picks up the device, they should use an analogous skill, but perhaps the Weird Scientists should be allowed to use WS for their attack rolls, pilot rolls, etc. as long as they are using a weird device. I don't really think this is unbalancing, and Josh used this house rule with Mad Science when he ran Deadlands.

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  1. I can dig the house rules. Maybe I will have to think about these next time Deadlands rolls around.