Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shadowrun Conversion: Totems, Draft 2

I had an earlier draft of Shamanic Totems where I tried to accurately mirror the abilities from Shadowrun, but it was a godawful mess. This is draft 2. I have boiled some of the common abilities down into categories, which I define after the list of Totems. Each Totem has one or two advantages and disadvantages, followed by a bonus to conjuring spirits of a specific type. (More on conjuring spirits in a future post) There were subtle nuances to some of the Totems in SR, and in fact Cat and Raven have become identical due to my simplifications, but better simple than not, says I. Like I said, I had a more detailed system but it was quite a mess.

Since I have outlined all the Advantages and Disadvantages below, feel free to make your own Totems. Just pick one or two Advantages and Disadvantages and pick a spirit you get a +1 bonus to conjure. Make sure to run it by your GM first, kiddo.

Note: Coyote has no advantages or disadvantages. He is the game's "opt out" if you don't really feel like fiddling around with all this crap.

*Bear: Healer, Berserker. +1 Forest spirits
*Cat: Trickster, Passive. +1 City spirits.
*Coyote: None
*Dog: Detector, Single-Minded. +1 Field and Hearth spirits.
*Eagle: Detector, Cyber-Sensative. +1 Wind spirits.
*Gator: Warrior, Detector, Single-Minded, Unsubtle. +1 Swamp, Lake, and River spirits OR +1 City spirits.
*Lion: Warrior, Merciless. +1 Prairie spirits.
*Owl: Night/Day. +1 to all spirits during the night, -1 to all spirits during the day.
*Raccoon: Trickster, Passive. +1 to City spirits.
*Rat: Detector, Trickster, Passive. +1 to all Spirits of Man.
*Raven: Trickster, Passive. +1 Wind spirits.
*Shark: Detector, Warrior, Berserk. +1 Sea spirits.
*Snake: Healer, Trickster, Passive. +1 to any one Spirit of Man, chosen at level 1.
*Wolf: Detector, Warrior, Berserk. +1 Forest OR Prairie spirits, chosen at level 1.


Detector: Any spell that has "Detect" in the title, or has the principle purpose of gathering information or locating something has double duration and area.

Warrior: +1 point per die on all direct damage spells.

Healer: +1 point per die on all healing spells.

Trickster: Foes have -2 to any saving throw against spells meant to deceive, enchant, or otherwise trick.

Night/Day: Casts spells at +1 experience level during the night, -1 during the day. A 1st level Shaman has -1 pt./die on all spells that roll dice for effect, half duration/area on those that don't.

Berserker: When the Shaman takes damage in combat, he must make a Mental Effect save (modified by Wisdom or Constitution) or go berserk for 1d3 combat rounds. Berserk shamans must attack the source of the damage with a weapon or a spell that deals damage. If the Shaman kills the source of the damage, the rage dissipates. If the source becomes unavailable or is felled by someone else, the Shaman turns on the nearest creature. Killing or incapacitating any creature will instantly end the rage.

Passive: -1 point per die on direct damage spells.

Single-Minded: Must make a Mental Effect save to change targets during combat or to change what action they are currently taking. On a failed save, they must use their next action shaking off the single-minded nature of their totem before committing to the new course of action.

Cyber-Sensative: Double System Strain from installed cybernetics.

Unsubtle: Foes have +2 to any Mental Effect saving throws on spells meant to deceive, charm, etc.

Merciless: -2 points/spell level on healing spells.

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