Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shadowrun Project: Expert Class


Prime Attribute: Intelligence or Dexterity (Yes, this is different from basic SWN)
Hit Dice: d6
Class Skills: All except for Combat skills, Sorcery, and Conjuring.
Experience Tables and Attack/Saving Throw progression as per SWN.
Special Ability: The Expert can take Like A Charm from the SWN corebook, or select one of the following alternative special abilities-

Specialist: The character gets +1 to all rolls involving one specific skill. In the case of skills that have several specializations, (Tech, Lore, etc.) the character must choose one specific specialization of the skill. Experts cannot take this ability for any Combat skill, unless the GM rules otherwise. (Note- I was considering making this a +2, but on a 2d6 skill system, that might be a little excessive. Thoughts?)

Fast Learner: The character earns four skill points per level, instead of three.

Prodigy: Pick one skill (for skills with multiple specializations, select a specific one) The character does not need to train this skill in order to advance it. May not be used for Combat skills. (Not in love with this one, personally...might drop it.)

Training Packages:

Shadowrunner Expert: Any six skills, four of which much be Expert class skills.

Decker: Bureaucracy, Computer, Culture/Matrix, Persuasion, Security, Stealth, Tech/Cybertech, Tech/Electronics

Rigger: Combat/Gunnery, Computer, Culture/Any, Security, Tech/Any, Tech/Electronics, Vehicle/Any, Vehicle/Ground

Private Detective: Bureaucracy, Culture/Any, Culture/Criminal, Perception, Persuasion, Security, Stealth, Tech/Electronics

Face: Bureaucracy, Business, Culture/Runner, Culture/Street, Culture/Any, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth

Infiltrator: Athletics, Computer, Culture/Criminal, Perception, Security, Stealth, Tech/Any, Vehicle/Any

Hit Man: Combat/Any, Culture/Any, Persuade, Security, Survival, Stealth, Tactics, Vehicle/Any

Street Tech: Computer, Culture/Any, Perception, Science, Security, Tech/Electronics, Tech/Any, Vehicle/Any

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