Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shadowrun Project: Magician Class

Prime Attributes: Wisdom or Charisma
Hit Dice: d4
Magician Class Skills: Culture/Any, Magic/Any, Perception, Profession/Any, Tech/Medical
Experience and Saving Throw progression as the Psychic in Stars Without Number.
Special Abilities: Spells, Conjuring, Astral Perception/Projection. All Magicians have these three special abilities. In addition, they must choose whether they are Mages or Shamans. Shamans have an additional special ability: Totem.

Training Packages:
I divided the Training Packages into those suitable for Mages and those suitable for Shamans. With the GM's permission, some of them could be crossed over; perhaps a tribe or gang has a "War Shaman" who is similar to a Combat Mage. There is also one generic Training Package that is suitable for either of the two types of Magician.

Shadowrunner Magician: Culture/Runner, Magic/Any one other skill.

Mage Packages

Combat Mage: Combat/Any, Magic/Sorcery, Stealth, Tactics

Wage Mage: Bureaucracy, Business, Culture/Corporate, Magic/Sorcery

Street Mage: Culture/Street, Magic/Sorcery, Stealth, Survival

Occult Investigator: Culture/Any, Magic/Any, Perception, Security

Shaman Packages

Tribal Shaman: Culture/Tribal, Language, Magic/Conjuring, Persuasion

Street Shaman: Culture/Street, Magic/Conjuring, Stealth, Survival

Environmental "Activist": Demolitions, Culture/Corporate, Magic/Conjuring, Security

Healer: Culture/Any, Magic/Any, Persuasion, Tech/Medical

The actual rules for magic, spirits, and all that good stuff is to follow.

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