Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shadowrun Project: Spirits Part 2: Summoning Elementals

As I mentioned in the last post, only Mages can summon Elementals. (Remember that they cannot summon Spirits of Nature)

Before summoning, a Mage needs to figure out what Hit Die of elemental he's going to try to conjure up. He needs a summoning circle and has to procure components that cost 1000 Nyuen for each Hit Die to be summoned. The ritual also requires a source of the correct element: a bonfire for fire elementals, a large mound of dirt for earth elementals, etc. The ritual requires a number of uninterrupted hours equal to the Hit Die of the elemental to be summoned. The Mage rolls Magic/Conjuring, modified by his Wisdom. The Mage incurs a penalty equal to the difference between the Spirit's Hit Die and his own experience level. On a success the elemental appears and is bound to the Mage. It will perform a number of services equal to 1+ the number of points by which the Mage succeeded on the roll.

Unlike Shamans, Mages can have multiple summoned spirits bound to them at once. A Mage can have a maximum number of elementals equal to three, modified by his Charisma modifier. If he wishes to summon more elementals, he must first release one he has presently bound to him. A released elemental departs immediately and is not obligated to perform any remaining favors for the Mage.

Mages need not keep a bound elemental following them around. An elemental who is bound into service may be sent away and instantly called up when the service is needed. A Mage can only call one elemental per combat round, but it requires little concentration and the Mage can still take action normally during the round.

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