Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shadowrun Project: Warrior Class

Below is my write up for the Warrior class as applied to a Shadowrun world. I based the Training Packages off of archetypes present in Shadowrun 2. If I missed anything you think should be in there, please let me know. (Or post your rendition of it in the comments!)

Prime Attribute: Strength or Dexterity

Hit Dice: d8

Special Ability:Pick one of Veteran's Luck, Deadly Accuracy, Badass, Weapon Specialist.

Warrior Class Skills: Athletics, Combat/Any, Leadership, Perception, Profession,/Any, Stealth, Survival, Tactics

Note: Experience Table, Attack Bonus, and Saving Throws as per SWN.

Training Packages:

Shadowrunner* Warrior: Any four skills, at least two of which must be Warrior class skills.

Bodyguard: Athletics, Business, Combat/Any, Perception, Persuade, Tactics, Vehicle/Ground

Mercenary: Business, Combat/Firearms, Combat/Any, Culture/Any, Perception, Tactics

Street Samurai: Athletics, Combat/Any, Combat/Armed, Culture/Street, Perception, Tech/Cybertech

Tribesman: Combat/Projectile, Combat/Any, Culture/Tribal, Language, Stealth, Survival

Ganger: Combat/Any, Combat/Unarmed, Culture/Street, Culture/Criminal, Security, Stealth

Former Corporate Enforcer: Business, Combat/Firearms, Culture/Corporate, Tactics, Vehicle/Any

Physical Adept**: Athletics, Combat/Armed, Combat/Unarmed, Combat/Thrown, Perception, Stealth

*The "Shadowrunner (Class)" Training Packages are meant to be the equivalent of the generic "Adventuring (Class)" Packages from SWN.
**A quick note about the Physical Adept: They don't fit well within my adaptation of Shadowrun, seeing as how I am using one class for Mages and Shamans...a friend suggested I make them warriors. Given that they don't have their badass powers anymore, I went ahead and gave them a crazy training package with more combat skills than the others.

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