Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Gaming, et al.

Today we ran Josh's Deadlands with a bit of a skeleton crew. Savage Worlds seems to be a feast or famine seems that your character is either kicking serious ass or is failing miserably and eating dust. It also seems that you can go from one to the other pretty much at random. In a way, it kind of reminds me of playing Talisman in how quickly your fortunes can reverse. Still, I do like Savage Worlds and I like our Deadlands game.

Mindy got herself a copy of Stars Without Number "deluxe" edition (the hard cover from Mongoose0 and I find myself green with envy. Mindy has decided to do a hybrid of Stars Without Number and her own Rebel Worlds setting. (SWN for the rules, with all the flavor stuff converted from RW... of course, RW itself is a bizarre mishmash of Traveller and a a bunch of other stuff, but I digress...) I had originally wanted to play an AI using the new rules, but I think Josh has his heart set on it, so I think my ambitions move to playing a Qotah. (Which Mindy apparently totally guessed that I would. Am I that transparent?) I will probably play an Expert, as straight up combat characters really aren't my style.

I was paging through my True20 book last night out of curiosity. I picked the book up for a song some time back and always thought my wife might like it, since she likes d20. Looking it up online, I was surprised to learn that Green Ronin has discontinued the line and is currently selling all their remaining T20 books at clearance prices.

...on second thought, I guess that isn't really all that surprising. The d20 craze is long over, and it seems that Pathfinder has firmly claimed that throne. I think T20 came too late to a greatly divided field.

My wife has been asking me to run a one-off Little Fears game for her and her best friend. They have suggested that I do this on Black Friday, since our only shopping destination will likely be the used book store. The Sunday group is considering an extra session that weekend as well, so I could be looking at gaming up to four times during the course of my break. Holler.


I need to stop looking at the traffice sources to this blog. Sometimes I get a little creeped out by where my traffic is coming from. Online paranoia is the reason I nuked my fb account. I already pulled my photo off of this blog; some days I want to change my display name to Slappy McGillacuddy or something.

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