Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Online Sweet Spot, that sounds inappropriate, doesn't it?

As detailed in my last post, I've been scheming a way to run an online game, with the grandiose idea of "getting the band back together"- or at least gaming with some of my crew from days gone by. A former gamer of mine, lost to a job that likes to move him around, has given me two very nice websites: Twiddler and Rollz. Twiddler can be used to draw maps on a grid in real time, as well as upload images and documents for all participants to see. Rollz, in a different window, provides a "dice chat room" where everyone can see the rolls. Rollz, I might add, is also surprisingly robust in its' ability to accommodate different types of die rolls. (4d6-L, or display the numbers separately for TN based systems like Savage Worlds or WoD, etc.)Verbal communication would be conducted via Skype or the chat function in gee-male.

I set it up and ran a little test session for myself, and it didn't seem too bad...position your windows right and you don't really have to juggle between them. I can also see entire sections of a session where Twiddler isn't needed. (Outside the dungeon, or in a game that doesn't really involve dungeon style play)

Now I'm just waiting for one of my potential online gaming mates to be on so we can give it a proper test.

Hmm...unlike last time, it might actually work this time around...


  1. I would also be willing to help test run, as I would also like to someday try and "get the band back together"
    - Nate