Monday, December 5, 2011

Scheming and Soldiering On

Mindy's new Stars Without Number campaign is rolling right along. There are some rough spots in the house rules, but we're trying to work through it.

I introduced Mindy and another member of our group to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay yesterday. (2nd edition, which I think is more mechanically solid, though I think the 1st edition has more heart to it.) They seemed somewhat interested in it, particularly the dearth of careers. It's another option for the next time I take a turn in the GM seat for the Sunday now I've got four contenders rattling around in my skull.

An old friend of mine and I are trying to nail down how to use gee plus to greatest effect to run an online game. The hangout function would at least put everyone in the same virtual "room." She mentioned a program called live stream or somesuch that would allow me to draw maps in real time and share them. I know you can also share your screen in gee plus. Now all I need is a dice roller program (which should be easy enough to find) and I'm set. I mean, I guess we could just use the honor system for dice... I mean, if you really have to cheat at rpg dice rolls...
I never bothered about it when my friend Kurt played AD&D with my live group via Skype, but that was just one "internet commuter" with the rest of the group live around a table. This setup would have a group seated at their computers across the US. I did once run a one-on-one game via Skype for Timeshadows of The Grand Tapestry blog, but again, that was just one player and not a whole group.

I know some of you rascals have run games online. How did it work out?

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