Sunday, February 12, 2012

Races of Sansara...thinking out loud.

My Pathfinder/Sansara game didn't run this weekend. Nobody had any energy. This last week, for various and sundry reasons, could very well be one of the top five worst weeks I've ever had in my entire life. Things are better now, though. :)

Anyway, not to waste the weekend entirely, I did do some work on Sansara, and in particular the trade port of Miruta. I'm going to do Miruta as a mini-sandbox and see where it goes. The city will be only vaguely sketched with some set pieces. I'm sure I'll think of new details as we go along.

I've also decided to dust off an old third party 3.0 race book that Fantasy Flight did back in the day and lift some races from it. Back then, I found the book nigh-unusable because most of the races had ECL, and I hated ECL with an undying passion. With the power level of races bumped up a bit in PF, I can pluck some of the races that I'd have hesitated to use back in the day. I don't want to use most of the standard races in this setting, so I'm thinking about replacing them with some of these guys:

-Sendasti: Saaaaaand people. (Wrapped up desert nomads, minus the mindless shrieking and griefing of Pod Racers) Kind of boring stock desert race fodder, if you ask me, and yet I find myself strangely enamored by them.

-Sktak: Desert snake dudes who act like Klingons.

-Uru...actually I can't remember the name.It's kind of an orgy of u's, y's,and apostrophes. Beastmen who serve a dark goddess and eat a strange root that acts like PCP.

-Quissians: Desert lizard men.

I was also thinking orcs and "desert dwarves" from the 3.5 Unearthed Arcana.

Humans, dwarves, orcs, nomad dudes, snake dudes, beast dudes, lizard dudes. Seven races. Too much? Too exotic/weird?
Oh, eight, I suppose... humans and orcs living together in civilization is going to make half-orcs more common, if anything else.

Ok... so I'm going to cut Quissians because Sktak are already reptiles and Quissians are sort of boring. I think I'll just repaint my lizardfolk yellow and leave them as an NPC/monster race. Ok, back down to seven.

I need to do some slight conversion because of the way that Pathfinder does races. (Net positive attribute bonuses, more abilities, favored class works differently)

Next stop, sketching up a few vague cults/religions... just one or two in case they happen to stop by a temple. I'm going to avoid creating an entire pantheon, though.

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