Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Making a Saving Throw vs. Malaise

If Mike were alive, he'd tell me to quit moping and get back to gaming. So I shall.

First things first: Tonight I'm going to go to the Grand Reopening of my LGS that burned down several weeks ago. It's got a new, bigger location and it's about half a mile closer to my house. Get some. I'm going to buy something to support them, and I don't even care what it is. RIFTS Lemuria? Maybe. (I am a mere six books away from owning all of the current RIFTS World Books, a fact that makes me both proud and ashamed in equal measure.)

Second things first: I am just about finished with my playable archetypes for my horror/supernatural game. (I imagine it will be more urban fantasy with a horror veneer, however.) I will begin posting system notes sporadically.

Third things first: I am going to endeavor to marshal the online Sunday group this week to play through Zzarchov Kowolski's excellent module, "A Thousand Dead Babies." Remember when modules used to have high falutin' names like Beyond the Crystal Caves and Palace of the Silver Princess? No more. I even have the sprinkling idea for a module called Forestmurder.

Fourth thi- yeah, okay, tired of the punnage.

I might see about rejoining the Sunday group or at least stopping by once in awhile. If Mike's passing has taught me anything, it's that the idea of our limited time is not an abstraction, it is a very real thing. Likewise, I'm going to attempt to step up my attendance at the Thursday group. 

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