Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The God That Crawls, Pt. 2 + Good News

We finished up The God That Crawls with my online gaming group on Sunday.
The short version: Through luck followed by extreme cleverness, the group escaped with a fair bit of treasure. (Though mostly it was scrolls and potions.)

Nobody died, much to my surprise, though there was a close call or two. The players escaped using a method that wasn't counted on in the module itself. Delightful.

My LGS, which burned down last week, has already found a new retail space, one that is close to their old location, but is also closer to my house by about half a mile. I look forward to their announced Grand Reopening, though the date isn't yet set. They apparently have something hanging in the window (or so my wife has just informed me via email) so perhaps I'll check it out after I leave work today and see what's in store.

I shall next subject my online group to Hammers of the God, then we'll take a break from Raggi, perhaps. I do have an idea to propose to them as well.

Oh, and in my continued and chronic navel-gazing indecision, I am now considering FUDGE (which I guess isn't an acronym anymore, but I do what I want) for my upcoming urban fantasy/modern horror/whatever campaign that I'm unlikely to ever run but which consumes my thoughts. So, I have now considered: Chill (Mayfair edition), Basic Roleplaying, a mashup of old White Wolf/Storyteller, and now FUDGE. (Maybe FATE? I need to be slapped.)

The struggle is real. 


  1. Fear Itself from Pelgrane Press. Fast, simple, and cheap.

  2. WHAT your LGS burnt down! I have a VERY rough draft of an old school meets new school to play test. Plays like Basic meets D20 and runs like OD&D meets C&C. Got links on my blog if you are interested. I have it in one document and in zine styled booklets.