Saturday, July 12, 2014

Deadlands: The Ties That Bind "prequel" session

Deadlands was supposed to start in earnest tonight, but only two players were available. We played anyway. I decided to set this session one year prior to the beginning of the campaign. (So this was an incident that occurred in 1878.)

William Larimer, founder of Denver, rarely had the energy to handle his family holdings in his old age and poor health. When he heard reports that the town of Creede was becoming a violent, bloodthirsty pit of a town, he started to worry about one of his more productive silver mines. He summoned his youngest daughter, Rachel, and charged her with finding out why the marshal in Creede was being so lax. Sent to accompany her was Sebastian, the family's butler and guardian for as far back as she could remember.

I ran a modified version of the "Lover's Quarrel" one sheet on Pinnacle's website. Rachel and Sebastian were able to root out the cause of the problem and destroy it, though the town is going to be needing a new lawman. The family silver mine isn't out of peril yet, but Rachel has proven herself a worthy problem solver to her father, and Sebastian has cemented his position as a trusted guardian.

The next session will flash forward to 1879, with the reading of William Larimer's will. That was supposed to be the first session, but I'm rolling with it.

...and for you history buffs, yes  I know I'm playing fast and loose with William Larimer. This game has flamethrowers and zombies in it.

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