Sunday, July 20, 2014

KantCon, in Retrospect

Another fun KantCon. Next year I think I'm going to just run things, rather than play.

Deadlands was a very good run. The GM was high energy. Combat was slow because we had eight players, but it was still enjoyable.

I didn't buy anything from the vendors, though I walked by the Black Blade booth repeatedly.

I found out about another con fairly near to this one, TsunamiCon, that I might go to in November.

Nuke Con called me a few hours ago and asked me to run some games there. (That isn't until December, though.)

Time well spent. I enjoy KantCon more than my regular local con these days. In fact, I doubt I'll be attending it this year for various reasons.

Now, back to the normal week and to getting ready to run RIFTS and Deadlands this week.

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