Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Silent Legions Beta

Recently I backed my second Kickstarter ever, the Silent Legions rpg by the inimitable Kevin Crawford, the mind behind Sine Nomine Publishing. I've perused the beta rules so far and find them quite to my liking. I especially like the magic system, and find that it would be appropriate for a sufficiently horror-themed D&D game without requiring much in the way of alteration.

My recent musings on a B/X World of Darkness substitute would actually dovetail well with some of the material I've read in SL. I'm still working on B/XWOD, but it currently exists as a series of scattered and frequently changed Excel sheets. Soon, with the advent of Winter Break, I will have a wealth of free time to work on it.

Beyond the Supernatural continues this Thursday as our party tries to unravel the secrets of a ghost-riddled town. On Friday, my sort-of Deadlands Reloaded game continues, with the Larimer family scheming to gain mystical and financial control of Denver from rivals various and sundry. Sunday will see the continuation of Ravenloft/Masque of the Red Death and the hunt for the remaining members of the enigmatic Circle of the Moon.

On we go.

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