Saturday, March 14, 2015

Misc Updates

Various Updates:

Deadlands- If you can't beat 'em.... hats off to Dani for the most creative way to deal with a rival family I've seen in a game: marry into it. By marrying her father's arch-rival's son, Rachel Larimer (now Rachel Gilpin) effectively has control of about half the supernatural resources in town.

...of course, then the PCs went through a time portal to the Hell on Earth Deadlands setting, but more on that as the story unfolds.

Icons- Two sessions in and running smoothly. Icons is fast and fun, even if we're still learning the ropes with Qualities. It's interesting that the two players are sort of collectively playing a team of superheroes. I'll say it again: Icons is the only superhero game I've played that feels like a superhero game, rather than a roleplaying game with superheroes in it.

RIFTS- The replacement GM's game has run like, once. I have to say I'm hoping we get back to Beyond the Supernatural soon.

BXWoD- Working on it slowly but surely. My comprehensive exams for my Master's have been taking up all my energy lately, but I'm still working on this.

A New Game?  - I was invited via Google+ to play in a dungeon sandbox game of B/X/Cyclopedic D&D being run at the FLGS by my house. I am so in. Also, first time I've ever accepted an invite to anything via Google+.

Game on!

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