Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Dogs (Deadlands)

Inspiration taken from Dogs in the Vineyard, the film Frailty, and a random picture in one of the old classic Deadlands books.

The Dogs are a group of monster hunters who are driven by a fanatical urge to see the supernatural stamped out. Each of the Dogs has suffered significant loss at the hands of the supernatural. Although the Dogs will kill any monster, the things they hate the most are humans who practice magic. To the Dogs, people who dabble in the arcane are traitors to their own kind, dangerous wolves in sheep's clothing to be rooted out for the good of society. The Dogs generally consider the following types of characters to be sorcerers: hucksters, hexslingers, witches, alchemists, and houngans. Some Dogs include Shamans and Enlightened Martial artists, though this isn't a universal belief among the different cells.

Dogs operate in "packs," independent cells numbering from a half dozen to a dozen, who search out the supernatural for destruction. They pay no heed to local laws, brazenly gunning sorcerers down in the streets if they have to.

Most of the Dogs believe in God, but they have a rather Old Testament view of Him. They seem to be aided or protected by some kind of force.

Dogs possess the following Edge:

Arcane Background (Dog)
Requirements: Spirit d8, must have suffered loss at the hands of the supernatural.

A Dog is a special type of Blessed, one that is driven on by a need for retribution against the supernatural. Dogs don't have normal Powers or Power Points, nor do they invoke miracles like other Blessed. Instead, Dogs enjoy the following benefits:
-They are considered to have smite activated whenever they are attacking a supernatural being. If attacking a huckster, hexslinger, houngan, or alchemist, they attack as if they had activated smite with a raise. Dogs also receive a +4 to any fear rolls from monsters. They also suffer from the effects of the Bloodthirsty Hindrance whenever fighting the supernatural. They will never surrender to or flee from a supernatural being, even if it means their death.

Dogs also carry a silver cross pin with a snarling dog face engraved in the center. While this is pinned to their clothing or otherwise openly displayed on their person, they are resistant to magic spells/powers from the groups listed above, receiving +4 armor or +4 to resist as appropriate. If their pin is taken, they lose this bonus. The pin will not function for anyone who doesn't have the Dog Edge. The source of these pins is yet unknown.

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