Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Campaign Idea: Just Add Water

...well... and maybe a map, if you're into that kind of thing. 

The backstory: Eil, the Mad Queen, has cast the Green Isles into ruin. She killed her husband with black magic, seized control of the castle, and opened the gates to the Underworld. The Isles are now crawling with monsters, both those who roam free and those who enforce the Queen's fell will. 

There are some who fight back against the Queen's forces, hoping to find a way to destroy her and seal the Underworld once more, but there are also those who want to exploit this lawless age to serve their own interests. 

Rules : B/X D&D + JB's "Complete B/X Adventurer" 

Classes Permitted:   B/X rulebooks: Fighter, Thief
                             Complete B/X Adventurer: Barbarian, Bard, Gnome,  Mystic, Ogre-Kin, Witch

Flavor/Visual Reference: Fable (video game- the first one only), Roar (90's TV show with a young Heath Ledger) Willow (80's classic fantasy film) 

"But wait! I don't have the Complete B/X Adventurer!" 

Slap these class fixes together: 

Barbarian- As fighter, but can only wear light armor, can Hear Noise as a thief, can read tracks on 1-3 on a d6 (improve one pip every three levels) +1 to hit in melee combat. 

Bard- As thief, but can use Charm or Sleep once per day for every three full levels. 

Gnome- As Elf. Make them small like halflings and give them the Druid spell list instead. If you don't have any old school Druid class to reference, just give them all the nature-y spells. 

Mystic- As cleric. Can't use armor. Let them use mystic-y magic spells as well. 

Ogre-Kin- Fighters. They use two handed weapons in one hand and get an additional +1 hit/damage. Encumbrance is treated as one category lighter. 

Witch- As magic-user, re-flavor spell list as needed. 



  1. Sounds awesome to me. Now, will you be making use of the class options in TCBXA? Because the halfling wizard option was definitely influenced by the film Willow.
    : )

    1. You know, it never occurred to me. They're easy enough to incorporate. Some of them will require re-flavoring, as the normal Tolkien demi-humans don't exist in this setting.

      Fighter, Barbarian, and Ogre-Kin use the Fighter table.

      Witches and Gnomes use the Magic-User table.

      Thieves and Bards use the Thief table.

      Mystics roll 1d6: 1-3 they use the Cleric table, 4-6 they use the Magic-User table. A really nice DM might allow them to choose which table they use.