Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Skyscrapers & Sorcery

Reading through and enjoying Skyscrapers & Sorcery.

Impressions thus far:

-I particularly like the ambiguous time period. I love ambiguous time periods. I understand that's an extremely specific thing to like, but there it is.

-I am sure that there's mashup potential with Kevin Crawford's Silent Legions and/or my B/XWoD write up that languishes in torpor.

-I really dig the task resolution mechanic, which has shades of Traveller but still feels White Box enough. I personally dig 1d6 based, a la Lamentations, but I'd give this a try.

-I'm really tired of the magic-user/cleric duality in magic. That's not a fault of S&S, just a recent quibble of mine. This feels like a good game to experiment with the magic system. I do like some of the new spells, though. (New as in 'not reskinned White Box spells.')

-The game has a beautiful simplicity to it, just like those who share its pedigree.

-This could be retooled into an OSR version of Shadow Chasers, one of the cooler ideas from the d20 Modern era.

-I'd like to see a companion to this.

-I'd like to see a print copy of this offered eventually, preferably one that's the same size as the S&W White Box book and the print copy of White Star.

-Bonus points for not feeling obligated to use the word White in the title.

- ...although I think someone should write an Old West/Weird West version of the game called White Hats.

That's all for now. This small but mighty game has a lot to consider and percolate on.

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