Monday, February 1, 2016

Alas, Das Schwarze Auge

Today I received an email from a mostly-defunct DSA community I belonged to some time ago during my weird (and short-lived) DSA obsession. It seems that Das Schwarze Auge 5th edition will be released in the US in English. At first I was pretty amped... until I read that the rulebook is 400 pages. To this, I say "nein."

I've read a fan translation of DSA1, and it bears almost no resemblance to The Dark Eye (the official and aborted English translation of DSA4.) Whereas DSA1 resembles B/X D&D in its simplicity, DSA4 seems like a horrific alchemical combination of GURPS and d20. (Not an exact analogy, but the best I could come up with) I think that my DSA ship has sadly sailed.

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