Monday, January 26, 2009

Adventures in Playing With Strangers

Until recently, I was a pretty xenophobic gamer. I rarely allowed new players into the group, and then only after considerable vetting, and they were often not invited back after a few weeks or months. (Or one session in some cases) I have my reasons; mainly they had to do not with the way they played but with the players themselves. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as a snobby bastard, but I don't like to sit in someone's B.O. cloud for four hours every Saturday night and I don't like people who, in the first five minutes after meeting me, say shit like "most mundanes find me really scary." I don't like players who have to disagree with everyone over every tiny niggling thing, from choice in soft drink to what they thought about aliens being in the fourth Indiana Jones movie and everything has to turn into a fucking argument and...ugh. You get my point.

Reading over Lamentations of the Flame Princess, I decided I needed to make a saving throw vs. cowardice and get back on the find new players boat. I accepted the invitation to play old school D&D with a group I don't even know. I met them on Sunday and they were really nice guys who seem to have similar gaming tastes. They aren't people I would have probably met otherwise, and that's a good thing.
This Saturday, I'm going to a White Wolf meet-up group (that I have found myself co-organizer of, oddly) and I don't know anyone there, either. Will a game come of it? Time will tell, but at least I'm trying again, you know?

I think one of the factors involved in the periodic gaming burnout I suffer every few years is that I get too familiar with my old group.

Since we live in the era of the disclaimer, here's mine: I love all my regular players and I am in no way dissatisfied with them. However, new energy and new people are always good things...even if we meet someone we don't like, we at least take something away from the experience. Who knows...several of my dearest friends came into my life because I set out to game with new people. I can't let the setbacks or the horror stories influence me anymore. Besides, the horror stories make great drunken gaming story fodder...

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