Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Thoughts on Microlite d20

I like diet coke. I drink it all the goddamn time. I used to drink regular coke, but switched to diet in an effort to help me lose some weight. Several years later, they go and release Coke Zero, which is supposed to taste like regular coke but have no calories or sugar. So I buy it, try it...and it does taste like normal coke, except that years of drinking diet coke have cause me to find the taste of regular coke to be disgustingly, unbearably sweet. Alas, thought I, if only they had come out with this just a couple years ago...

A true story, and an analogy for me and Microlite d20. If only I had discovered this a couple of years ago, I might not have burned out on d20 the way that I did. It has been out for a couple of years, yes, but I hadn't heard a word of it until I heard about the later released Microlite 74, which I heard about through the various blogs and retro-rpg channels. By the time it reached me, I had basically sworn off the whole scene.

A tiny part of me wants to mess around with M20 (particularly to create a version that doesn't use classes), but I've pretty much moved on.

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