Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swords and Wizardry, Session 3

We really need to start taking spider webs as a cue rather than set dressing.
That being said, Cedric the Pious is now the only surviving member of the original party. Due to the fact that he collected all the treasure, he is a hair's breadth from level. Also, next week I am hiring some goddamn fighting men as retainers, like three of them.

The game has also become a sort of hybrid of S&W Core and Labyrinth Lord, as the material in LL is a little more robust when it comes to details. We might also be allowing the S&W thief from GROGNARDIA, in which case we're totally hiring one of them as well.


  1. What sort of details? I'm curious, since I haven't tried to play S&W yet.

  2. Here are three examples I can think of right away:

    *Weight for gear- S&W Core has no weight for gear aside from weapons or armor. We use LL when we need to know the weight of a miscellaneous piece of equipment.

    *Overland Travel- We needed to know how far we could make it walking overland through the swamps, but couldn't find it in S&W so we used the movement rates in LL.

    *Hiring retainers- Found rules for determining their reaction in LL.

    Basically, we use S&W as a default for everything, but whenever there's a rule that's too vague for our tastes or info we can' readily find, we consult LL for a second opinion of sorts. The DM has toyed with the idea of converting to full on LL, but he hasn't decided yet.

    We're using S&W Core, by the way.