Sunday, February 1, 2009

Swords & Wizardry: First Session

I doubt I'll post every single session of the campaign, but I thought I would at least write about the first one, since it's the first actual old school play I've had in probably five years.

The DM started us off as a pre-formed adventuring party. We were plunked down into a town, fed some rumors and information about the surrounding area, and let loose. We actually spent most of the session dealing with the logistics of getting to where we were would have been a simple gig but for the only easily accessible route between us and our goal being controlled by a potentially hostile faction. Our party found itself trying to circumvent the area. We spent a lot of time calculating distances and days required, food and supplies, buying a big enough raft or negotiating for travel aboard river boats... I'm sure many players I know would have found it boring, but I actually really loved how tactical everything was. We ended up hearing about a dungeon and deciding to delay our first goal until we could plumb the depths for some treasure...perhaps enough to buy our own boat and go around the hostile faction blocking the way to our chosen plot threat. Of course, we keep hearing rumors everywhere we go, so I'm already starting to get the sort of ADD I get when I play video games like Grand Theft Auto, Morrowind, or Fable II.

Sadly, the magic-user with one hit point died in the first room of the dungeon. It was sort of my fault and I felt terrible about it, until the player showed me the back-up character, who was also a magic-user. (He was going to be a cleric until he realized that S&W is one of the retro clones where clerics don't get a spell at first level)

I'm looking forward to next Sunday. I'd forgotten how much fun the game is when you're just free to explore. We didn't earn much in the way of XP, but next week we'll hopefully plunge deeper into that dungeon.

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