Monday, March 2, 2009


The names of all the new classes in the 4e PHB 2 were released today. It seems like not long ago I was anxiously speculating with a friend as to what they would be.

I really did want to like 4th edition. I had hoped that, somehow, the game would start going in a direction that I would be interested in again.

I also wish I had finished my 4th edition campaign, as the players really enjoyed the story, (oh no, the "s" word!) but ultimately we ran out of patience with the mechanics of it all.

In the FLGS that hosts the S&W/LL game I play in every weekend, we sit at a table located under a Worldwide D&D Game poster for 2009. The poster has a big goliath barbarian with an axe that seems to be made of purple crystal, and next to him is a petite shifter druid (or maybe shaman, since her animals look like spirits), and it just sort of looks...I guess "dungeonpunk" or whatever. This is not a flavor that appeals to me, unfortunately.'s sort of like my recent reading of the story and characters of Final Fantasy XIII and wondering how it could possibly have anything in common with the games I played that had black mages with floppy hats and chocobos.

Ah, screw it...anybody know of any SenZar games starting up?

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